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Vazhakkai Bajji | Raw Banana Fritters | Indian Fried Snack Recipe

Vazhakkai Bajji is one famous snack in Chennai. You will find loads of  Bajji vendors on Marina Beach who make variety of bajjis using Gunddu Mulagai (Bajji Mulagai), Onion, capsicum, Raw Banana, Potato and so on. They accompany these bajjis with hot chilli sauce or chutney. Every time we visit the beach we never fail to snack on them. So the other day when it was weekend snack time, I made these bajjis and they were all gone in a flash. So I had to do few more just to click some pictures ;-) and boy how I miss them now ;-)

A simple batter is made and the raw bananas are peeled and sliced vertically, dipped in batter, fried and enjoyed. The batter can be made spicy or mild to suit tastebuds but I went the easy way and made it very mild in spice. Nothing can beat the homemade bajjis fried using fresh oil, usually in shops they need to use old oil or keep frying in the same oil the whole day. Reheating and frying using already used oil is not good for health so take care when you eat these deep fried snacks outside.

(My husband trying to flick one of the bajji's as I was clicking ;-)


Recipe ~ Own
Serves ~ 3 generously
Prep time ~ 5 mins


Raw Banana/ Vazhakkai - 3 skin removed & sliced thin vertically
Oil to deepfry
Gram/ Besan Flour - 3 tbsp
Cornflour - 1 tbsp
Rice flour -1 tbsp
Salt - to taste
Red chilli powder - 1 tsp
Corriander - 1 tsp
Asefodedia/ Hing - 2 pinches


  • Peel slice and soak the raw banana pieces in water (to avoid them from browning). In a bowl add all the other ingredients and slowly add water to form a paste similar to dosa / pancake batter. Check for salt and spice.
  • Heat oil on a kadai or wok and when its medium hot add the pieces 3 at a time, depending on the size of the kadai and fry until golden. Flip sides and fry again for 20 seconds.
  • Using a slotted spoon drain the bajjis and keep on a tissue paper
Serve hot with tomato ketchup or chutney of your choice.

Cooks Wisdom 

- Make sure you soak the cut raw banana in a bowl of water to prevent it from changing colour
- You can use kashmiri red chilli powder for the colour and less spice
- You can add jeera/cumin powder to aid digestion
- Follow the same recipe to make other kinds of bajji like - onion, potato, cauliflower and so on


  1. wow super crispy bajji doll... i love to have with coconut chutney...we used have whenever we go for mariamman temple in my place... Suda suda mini bajji... soopero juper...;)

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  10. These fritters looks so lovely & my mom used to make these so often. Your post really brought back some yummy memories

  11. I can finish a plate of these fried beauties, bajji with a cup of tea,omg love these fritters very much.

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