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Apple Oats Porridge | Apple Oats Breakfast Recipe | Oats Recipe

'An Apple a day keeps the doctor away', we all know this but still tell me how many of us have an apple a day? Even I don't, so the other day I had this reader who requested me for a different oats porridge recipe, since I had already posted a savoury version of oats porridge - Masala Oats, I thought why not post a sweeter version along with fruit. This is sure a quick and simple recipe, you can even serve it for kids. Apple tend to have a natural sugar and I have partially cooked it along with oats and milk to have a sweetened yet fragrant taste. Topping nuts on this oats add a lovely crunch to this porridge, I love to have this warm and even cold both ways it tastes amazing.


Recipe Source - Own
Serves - 2
Prep & cook time - under 5 mins


Red Apple/ Custard apple - 1 large, grated along with skin
Quick cooking oats - 3 tbsp
Milk - 5 tbsp
Water - 1/4 cup
Honey - for sweetening (optional)
Chopped almonds or any nuts - to garnish (recommended)


  • In a saucepan heat water, add the oats and let it cook on a medium-high flame as the oats becomes thick around 2 mins add the grated apple to it and let it simmer.
  • Now add warm milk to this and let it cook for another minute. Switch off 
  • Serve topped with honey and nuts

Cooks Wisdom

- Partial cooking of the apple along with oats gives a natural sweetening
- For more flavour you can add cinnamon but I loved the natural apple flavour t the porridge
- You can add your favourite nuts, dry fruits, granola or muesli for an extra crunch


  1. Very healthy breakfast. Nice idea of including fruit into our daily diet.

  2. I love anything made out of oats.. nice and healthy..

  3. Love to start my day with this fibre rich porridge..

  4. wow ,looks interesting

  5. Healthy and delicious breakfast recipe.. Nice clicks..

  6. Love Oats Porridge. I make it with apple and blueberry or banana and blueberry.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Healthy n delicious oats recipe !!! One of our brealfast/dinner fav...

  8. The porridge looks yummyy.

  9. All nutrients in a bowl,cereals,milk,fruit & nut,yummier

  10. LOve this one. Simple but healthy fare :)

  11. Love this healthy and delicious porridge, awesome...

  12. perfect diet food da i dont like sweet versions.. i did rather prefer spicy oats :)

  13. Healthy and delicious Porridge da.. Love the clicks..

  14. Healthy and delicious porridge.

  15. very very healthy combo and porridge looks simply yummy and creamy :) love the addition of apple my fav :)

  16. ur posting nowadays helathy kids recipes ha...interesting...good.this is so yummy n tempting to me also.


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