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Red Spinach Mango Coconut Curry | Thandu Keerai Massiyal | Keera Manga Thenga Massiyal

Red Spinach or Thandu Keerai is yet another variety of spinach which is available seasonally in India. Very low in calories, fresh spinach is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, plus iron and other essential minerals. Although they are similar in taste and texture as that of the green spinach the gorgeous color of the red spinach leaves does really attract you and you are sure to get a curry that is similar to their color. Red spinach is versatile just like the green spinach, you can add them in salads, curry and stir fry.

Cabbage Rice Recipe | Variety Rice Recipe | Lunch box recipes

If there is one vegetable that is made frequently in our household it is cabbage. I must admit that chopping them fine is a challenge but I take the short route to shredded them with a bigger holed shredder. Usually cabbage is known to be cooked as poriyal or kootu or with dal but today my dear Amma came up with a mixed rice recipe. Its surely a unique recipe and tasted great for those days when we want to go purely vegan. I love to have this mixed rice along with fryums/ potato chips and potato masala and may be some curd too. 

Masoor Dal Kootu | Yellow Pumpkin Dal recipe | Poosnikai Kootu

Kootu is my favorite side, I love to have it all 7 days in a week. This simple kootu is so flavorful, authentically made thick and served as a side for rice and any tangy spicy curry like Pavakkai Puli Kuzhambhu. Masoor Dal is similar to moong dal but varies in its taste, does not require soaking and can be cooked in a flash. Hope your friday is good, mine went busy... Happy Weekend All!!!

Garlic Potato Stir Fry | Potato Masala | Potato side recipes

A simple and quick veg side would be potatoes  Its such a versatile ingredient and is super filling too. In Indian cooking potatoes are used in mains, sides, curries and snacks along with both vegeterain and non-vegeterain cooking. I have seen both kids and adults enjoy them equally. My favorite recipes of potato are potato masala (poori), masala potato, potato tikki, aloo paratha and potato kurma. Today I am sharing a simple and quick version of Garlic potato stir fry which is packed with flavor and is great as a side with rice & curry. The flavors of garlic lifts the dish well and combined with spicy soft potato chunks makes it a wholesome platter.

Nellika Sadam | Amla Rice | Gooseberry Recipe | Variety Rice | Lunch Box Rice Recipe

Amla mixed rice
Amla mixed rice
Gooseberry/ Amla as its fondly called in India is known for its goodness and sourness. Most Indian hair oil/ related products have the extract of Amla, its an undeniable fact that they help in hair growth and even to prevent pre-mature greying of hair. Amla also is rich in anti-oxidants and is known to lower cholesterol, slows tumor growth and also reduces blood sugar level. Its rich in Vitamin C and it is said that it had twice the amount of Vitamin C to that of 2 oranges. 

My experiences of this fruit is not so pleasant as its taste. Whereas for Amma this is like raw mango to her she simply loves it. I have seen her munch this sour fruit along with red chili powder as a snack. So when I was home, she made this Amla rice and to my surprise I actually loved it.

Banana Stem Stir fry | Vazhaithandhu Poriyal

Banana Stem is packed with fiber and if you are someone who is looking to shed some weight, then this is a must in your diet. Most of us think that this is a tasteless vegetable but trust me if you try this recipe you will change your impression of this power packed veg. The addition of shallots and spices does give a lovely flavor to this recipe. Banana stem poriyal is a common side in any south Indian veg menu. You can pair this with any tangy curry or lentil. 

Fish Fry | South Indian Fish Fry Recipe | Small Fish Fry Recipe

Any South Indian non vegeterain recipe is never complete without a masala fish fry. I am always a fan of fish in any form or kind, but I always find the small fish variety are more tastier and crisp when it comes to fish fry. My favorite combination is sambar/ rasam/ curd rice with fish fry. Most of our weekends never fail without this fish fry recipe. Happy Weekend y'all :-)

Gulkand Phirni | Rose flavored Phirni | Rose petals Rice Pudding

Although its summer we had few showers here and there, its really a blessing in terms of weather with some chill breeze during the evenings. Its been a while since I stirred up something sweet so I was pondering on what to make. I found rose syrup and gulkand, planned to make something simple and ended up in this Phirini which is more like milk payasam but in a a little thick form. You can make it plain too, but I love the flavor of rose and this is sure a great dessert to please yourself and others :-) 

Phirni is a luscious dessert made with milk, rice/rice flour, nuts, sugar and flavoring. It has its roots from Middle East later an Indian favorite, most common in North India. A quick dessert to do and must be refrigerated to be enjoyed later. Can be made before hand and served garnished with nuts.

Home made Ginger Garlic paste | How to do Ginger garlic paste | Ginger garlic paste without Vinegar

Ginger & Garlic, I wonder who made their match in Indian cooking. To me they seem to me a great couple and almost bless each recipe that they visit, with amazing flavor. I cannot think of not adding this paste in almost all my recipes. Of course there are recipes that call for only garlic or only ginger.  Amma is so faithful when it comes to ginger-garlic paste she makes a fresh batch almost every week. Like her I also make sure I have enough stock of this paste, but I do have to confess I don't make them always, at times pick store brought ones which for sure is never equal to the one make freshly at home. Not to forget they cost you more too when bought. Thankfully the place where I live we get freshly peeled garlic and this is a blessing to me :-) so I simply get the freshly peeled garlic, peel ginger and grind to a paste. Doesn't that sound so simple? You can also freeze the paste in ice cube tray and make them as cubes that can be added to any curry. But mind you if you do not trust your freezer or the power cuts, don't ever think of doing this :-P

Mango Lassi | Summer Drinks | Mango based recipes

Mango Madness is the word, I can never think of summer without these sunshine beauties. They are so cheerful and really have the hues to lift you up. From childhood I love mangoes and love to have them fresh, cut and enjoyed. But as I grew my next favorite was mango icecream and now I have a liking for raw mangoes too. As a food blogger I do love to experiment with mangoes and this time around I tried a simple mango lassi and boy this was so good and refreshing. May you go mangoes over this summer ;-)
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