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Parruppu Rasam | South Indian Rasam | Lentil Rasam Recipe

Paruppu Rasam / Dal Rasam is sure comfort food to me. There is a story that I heard long back from a chef on the origin of the rasam. He said that one day a great cook was making dal and rasam in the kitchen and by mistake he added cooked dal to the rasam, later he was greatly praised by everyone who tried it. I have also heard another version of the story that the cook did not have much tamarind pulp hence he added the dal water to the rasam and hence its origin. Which ever story you want to believe I just want to tell you that this is really one awesome tangy curry, very different in its taste compared to the usual basic rasam recipe. I simply love to have this with any vegetable stir fry and appalam. Every Tamilian home has their version of rasam, I learnt to make this from my dear Amma, and it sure makes constant appearances at home. To make matters simple I make Paruppu Rasam along with Sambar :-) 

Vanilla Bean Sponge with Strawberry Buttercream {Pressure Cooker Cake} ~ Celebrating 1 Yr of Blogging

As I look back on my journey in food blogging I have a huge smile and a content heart. I am humbled by my little space turning 1 today, call it Blog birthday or an anniversary, I still cannot fathom a year has passed since I started this little space. My first post was Caramel Custard and I still remember clicking the photographs in our little apartment with lights on :P and my husband did not know that what he saw that day of his wife capturing a sweet companion behind the lens will be her day to day activity :D. I still consider myself novice when it comes to blogging although I learnt it all from scratch did not know who to ask or what to even search in google. I have never made efforts to upload a template or get help from a professional for my blog. All that you see today is what I learnt and what I experimented in terms of layout, design, header, recipes and indexing. Back then everyday as my husband left for work I would log into my blog and keep exploring what I can do next and little did I know that I would be hooked with it all day. Blogging did make me learn the art of baking a cake, bread and try new recipes. Everyone asks me if I have learnt baking or cooking from someone, I have to tell you all that I did it all on my own. I started to cook only after marriage and still there is a long way to go in my culinary journey.Blogging has added many friends in my life who still keep in touch with me on a daily basis. Little did I know that the people I used to visit would be my close friends. I consider myself fortunate to be friends with them. Everyone thinks that the virtual world is so unreal but it became real to me I have met few great bloggers in real life. Today CLP has crossed over 2 lakh 83 thousand views, over 700 + facebook page likes, 240 + google friend connects... This sure is a proud moment for me.

First of all I want to thank God for His grace that enabled me to do all that I did. 
Thanks to my husband, 
readers, friends and family 
who have been with me in this 1 year journey. 
Its been so much fun to share my kitchen success with you. 

VadaKari | Vada Curry Recipe | South Indian breakfast Special

Vadakari and Idly is one of Appa's favorite breakfast and like him I also have inherited the taste for this yummy and satisfying combination. Mind you this will make you full and may be your might have a late lunch ;-) Although this breakfast is available in most restaurants and tiffen centers in Tamil Nadu I still love only the one done at home. Amma makes the best vadakari according to me, if its poori's and masala dosa I agree that eating out is fine but for this particular recipe it has to be one made at home. Usually done with left over masala vadas, the taste is quite exquisite, but need to make a confession here Amma makes them with fresh vadas. Come on how can there be left over vadas in the first place ? :P

Coconut Fish Curry | South Indian Coconut Fish Curry Recipe ~ Amma's Special

Coconut Fish Curry
Coconut Fish Curry
Life is going super busy for me and with all that, I have totally ignored my little space and hardly blogged. But thanks to a bunch of friends and readers who were so supportive and kept encouraging me with your mails, chats and comments in my blog. Although cooking did happen on a daily basis, but I was doing the same old recipes and not trying anything new. To all my fellow blogger buddies I also feel guilty for not visiting your blogs as often but hopefully I will in the coming weeks. After a lot of guilt I wanted to make sure that I do a post today, since its the end of the week. Happy Weekend All :-)

I love Fish curry with white rice, a mid-week delight for me. Usually every South Indian home they make two kinds of fish curry one with coconut and another with tamarind. This curry has a perfect blend of fresh homemade spices and a good dose of coconut. Trust me you must let the curry marry the flavors for sometime. Usually I make this curry in the morning so that we can enjoy in the afternoon, but nevertheless it tastes best when you have it for dinner. You can pair this with white rice, dosa, idly or even idiyappam. I have few other fish curries in my blog- like the Tomato Fish curry (no coconut/ tamarind) and Tamarind Fish curry

Avarakkai Poriyal | Broad Beans Stir Fry | Simple Vegetable stir fry recipe

Life has been pretty hectic for me, the dull weather here is also adding to my blues. Most times I am so occupied with day to day chores at home that I don't get time to blog like before. But I promise to visit and feed my little space every week. Of late I am more into a vegetarian diet, I am restricting my non veg craving to 1 day a week, mostly weekend. I must say that I am feeling more full and eating healthy. Also to add to this I am staying away from sweets and desserts. So today with my vegan diet fever I am sharing a simple vegetable stir fry that can go with rice and curry.

Avarakkai / Broad beans is from the beans family, they have a  distinct shape ie. flat and broad. Their flavor is quite unique from that of the regular french beans. Very popular and staple in south Indian vegetarian meals. Amma always makes this vegetable to go with sambar, rasam or puli kuzhambhu. 

Kerala Style Aviyal Recipe | Mixed Vegetable Coconut Curry | Kerala Vegetarian Curry

I love Aviyal period. From a very young age if there is one vegetarian recipe that I love it is Aviyal, I am not sure why I love it but I did. Never knew how mum makes it but still I loved it. Its a Kerala recipe, a combination of loads of vegetables, coconut, seasoning and tempered with coconut oil. Some use curd others don't so its really a personal choice. I love it both ways. If you are opting for a vegan option skip curd. 

Rasam | South Indian Meal Side - My Guest Post for Nupur's UK Rasoi

The virtual world has blessed me with tons of lovely people in my life. People who care, share and love just like family. Of course we get to know each other through our blog, but we do get to exchange loads of conversations online and sometimes over calls too and then there are some we get the blessing of meeting. If you are a frequent visitor to my blog you would have known about the Bloggers Buzz Event that I had attended a while ago. It was an informal gathering of food bloggers, friends and people who love food. I had the chance to meet this lovely fair lady Nupur - UK Rasoi who was one of the co-organizers of the event. Ok now to the facts :P she is one charming person with a lovely smile and whom I really envy for her tall slender figure. Her warm smile, great personality and fun company will sure make anyone fall in love with Nupur. 

Its really something to cook, and something to click what you cook. As food bloggers we all have a challenge to bring every reader enough spices in words, presentation in pictures and of course tastiness in recipes. Nupur does do all of it like a charm. I love all her simple and clear food photography, and yes  I also make it a point to read all her write ups, she has a lovely art of writing that makes you imagine or picture what she says. I think she gets it all from the books she reads ! :-) Am I right Nupur?. Of coarse I am a food lover, being someone who loves meat I do drool over some great vegetarian recipes like the one's from Nupur's blog - Flaky Lacha Paratha, Beetroot Tawa Pulao, Rasamalai, Aate ka Halwa and Kashmiri Egg curry.
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