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Easy Garlic Knots | Garlic Dinner Rolls | Eggless Bread Recipe

Garlic Knots Recipe
Garlic Knots Recipe 
Off late I have been baking a lot, call it stress, the cold weather or the blessing of a bigger oven, I am just loving the whole therapeutic effect of baking. I am actually loving the kneading part and i do everything with hand and there is a joy of making bread from scratch and using hands. Although I love to own one of those fancy KA ;-) but for now let me just rant my stuff with my hands and gluten dough. The other day when I posted a picture of these garlic knots on my facebook page I got a comment from someone says extra walking and extra calories, I mean being Indians we don't do bread daily but once in a while its ok. I get that it is calorie high but so are most Indian sweets, naans and don't forget those fried mixture that you sneek having with your coffee or those biscuits that are meant to be dunked with your coffee. Bring Indians we go love our gluten, carbs and our sweets don't we. So lets quit complaining have a piece of bread and go for your walk. Enough of my rant now and lets move on to the recipe.

Paruppu Keerai Poriyal | Spinach Greens Stir Fry with home grown greens

Paruppu Keerai Poriyal Recipe
Paruppu Keerai Poriyal Recipe

Greens (Keerai) are a staple in our house, Amma made sure that we have variety of them. I have made efforts to document all the different kinds of keerai recipes in my blog. I remember back when I was young I was never fond of greens but now with all the knowledge of how good they are for your health I have started to change my food habits and add greens to meals or salads. Taking about salads I have found this new interest to salads and dressings and make variety of salads as a dinner meal. I will soon make efforts to post salad recipes. I find myself enjoying salads more than regular food, I find them light filling and my stomach feels so relaxed the next day. Its definitely a tummy cleanser and great if you are someone looking to lose some weight. Comment below if you would love to see salad recipes on my blog :-).

Chickpeas Coconut milk Curry | Chapati side dish recipe

Chickpeas  Channa Coconut milk Curry
Chickpeas Coconut milk Curry
Somedays I am all up and cooking 3-4 dishes in a row, other days I really drag myself to cook a decent meal. But today I was full of energy and made this delicious Coconut milk chickpeas curry, if you know me you know that I love chickpeas and I cannot get enough of them. But on the otherside my husband does not like chickpeas whatsoever but that does not stop me from cooking them. Today I didn't pack lunch for him so I ended up making this curry. That said I love to soak chickpeas overnight and boil them fresh rather than the canned ones. But once in a while not bad to enjoy beans that are tinned. Nevertheless this is one easy curry to make with basic ingredients in your pantry and goes along well with soft hot chappathis and can be paired with pulao or white rice too. 

Amma's Quick & Easy Fish Curry without Coconut | South Indian Fish Curry Recipe

Amma's Qick & Easy South Indian fish curry
Amma's Quick & Easy South Indian fish curry 
Its been some time that I had blogged, been busy with a house shift & I am taking things slow to settle down and I wanted to post one of Amma's fish curry which has been in draft for a while now. This curry is something I long for and she has so many varieties of fish curries that I have already posted recipes - Tamarind fish curry, Coconut fish curry, Mango fish curry and today I am sharing with you a quick & easy fish curry that does not call for any coconut. This is Amma's version of a quick fish curry that is so easy to make, perfectly flavored and is relished with white rice and poriyal. This was our lunch today and I happily clicked pictures to post on my blog ;-). How I wish I lay back and someone cook recipes for my blog :P but trust me this is not the case always. When I am home I make sure to request a list of recipes from Amma so that I can enjoy them and blog them too. 

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