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Methi Paratha | Methi Chappthi | Fenugreek Leaves Recipe

I am so glad to get my camera back and couldn't wait to do a post. Thinking about posts I found that I have  hardly updated roti/ chappathi recipes here. my last one was the Aloo Paratha which was done ages ago, seriously those click are so average bad when I look at it now. So wanted to do full justice with pictures and here we go. I hope its a virtual feast for all of you.

Methi paratha / Methi Chappati / Methi Thepla is an Indian spices flat bread this is super easy to make and gives perfect moist roti's. This is a great recipe for anytime of the day, I know people who have this for snacks / breakfasts too. I never used to be a fan of methi (Fenugreek) and after marriage, I used to like kasthuri methi but hated methi leaves (confused right? :P)  somehow I get bored with carrots & beans the usual stuff, so I tried incorporating greens in roti's and wish to share more of my parathas here hopefully. I have used simple and basic spices in the dough and used warm water to knead. 

Baath Cake | Goan Semolina & Coconut Cake | Goan Christmas Recipe

Today I am so excited to share my blog to a wonderful blogger friend Priya Suresh, she is the author, cook, recipe writer, photographer behind her well know blog Priya's Easy and Tasty Recipes aka Priya's Versatile Recipe. As the name suggests her recipes are indeed easy, tasty and versatile. The day I started to invite guest posts I simply knew who all to invite and Priya was one among them. Sharing the same names did get me curious to know more about her ;-). Being a frequent visitor to her blog I used to admire her baking skills - she bakes excellent bread, a recipe developer and a person who is consistent in delivering posts. My observations of her would be that she is a humble and down to earth person who encourages most bloggers, her write ups can never be boring she would mostly talk about her recipe, give credits to others and also keep her photographs simple. Few favorites in her collection would be Swiss roll ice cream cake, Oats Almond Ladoo (which is a personal favorite, I have tried it twice at home :-) Eggless Braid Roll, and something simple as chappthi with healthier addition barley - Barley Chappthi  

Choco Beet Cake | Chocolate Beetroot Cake Recipe ~ Thanksgiving Special & 100'th post

Last week started bad with my camera having an issue. Being a food blogger your camera is something that is so important to you  and I seriously learnt the value of my camera. Next came an issue with blogger which said I have exceeded the quota of 1 GB memory. Suffering the loss of camera was painful and this only added to my worries. Next I decided to cook no matter what :P and was so enthu (enthusiastic) to do my 100'th post against all odds and did this chocolate beet cake and the day I chose to do it the sun suddenly said good bye and next 2 days it was completely dark and not perfect for photos and how can you save a cake that tasted good. I ended up clicking pics in the poor lighting. 

Mutton/ Lamb Pepper Fry | Mutton Chukka Recipe | Restaurant Style Mutton Pepper Fry

Dull, cold and dark days is what I have been seeing here and its been so cold that all I want to do all day is roll under the sheets and take a long peaceful nap but here I am planning to do a post that is a super hit at home. The pictures were taken in my camera (which I am missing a lot now :( ) and when it was hail and healthy. Somehow this post has been postponed for long now. 

Mint Avocado Apple Smoothie | Low Carb Smoothie | Meal Replacement

After a gap in blogging, I've gathered the courage to do a post today and I want to really thank my dear blogger friends for all your concern and care on checking things with me. I have been doing fine and my camera has gone for service and I have started to use a friends camera to click pics for the time being. If you find the pictures not great it could be because of the bad weather. But I just felt I should not stop posting and use what I have to keep going.

Soya Chunks Biryani | Meal Maker Biryani | Meal Maker Recipe

My earlier post on Soya Chunk Fried rice had lots of comments and what amazed me is that some never had success with soya chunks or did not prefer eating them since it is bland... Well I have a solution to that and its simple, try it and you will love it forever. Soya Chunks with its meaty texture is filled with protein and it can be paired with rice to make a lovely recipe that's not only simple but quick too. This is yet another recipe sitting in drafts for a while and until I get my camera sorted you can enjoy this recipe

Bread Upma Recipe | Easy Bread Indian Recipe | Quick Masala Bread

I wish I had a story to tell, well I don't cos I don't feel like it... I have screwed my camera by chipping the memory card while juggling it from the camera socket to the laptop hmmm so have been really upset and this has caused a slowdown in my cooking a bit. While I try to get things resolved I wanted to share one of my favorite snack/ breakfast Bread Upma which has been in my drafts for a while and thought what better time to post it. 

Garlic Chicken Recipe | Chinese Restaurant Style Garlic Chicken

Today I am so eager and delighted to share this guest post by my dear friend and blogger Divya Pramil who writes You too can cook Indian food. She is one famous cook in the blog world who stuns everyone with her original home cooked recipes and who maintains her consistency in posts every time. Being someone who misses home food and a non-vegetarian I used to admire Divya's cooking and just felt it was so authentic like how my mom used to cook delicious recipes. One day I had contacted her and she was so sweet to reply to my list of doubts, back then I was just a month old in blogging. Our friendship grew from then and there had been not a dull moment with her :-) I am so happy to have found her. Divya to me is not just a great friend but someone who I relate to very well. Although she is younger to me by 2 years I still think she is an amazing cook with loads of creativity and passion to what she does best "cooking". A few recipes of Divya that have really caught my eye are the Chicken monkey bags and sweet corn rasam... Divya has many hats ~ blogger, event hostess, photographer, award distributor and you can go on and on. Many other blogger friends have also told me how they admire her creativity and dedication when it comes to blogging

South Indian Spicy Prawn Curry Recipe

Off late I was reminded of my mom's mango fish curry and I remember we used to relish it the next day with some cold curd rice, sounding weird ?? I am sure everyone has some crazy combinations when it comes to food. Well my brother has one, he used to love dosa with ghee and sugar dip and he made me fall in love with that and we both used to be crazy about it :-), he used to end up with those teenage nightmare "pimples" and I used to escape :D. Now my husband loves to have curd, rasam and sambar all together :-) I know I am getting some glares...

Hyderabadi Chicken Curry | Spicy Andhra Chicken Curry

Weekends seriously makes me go nuts. Having a hungry husband and skipping breakfast has become a norm here. I know its not at all healthy but we end up waking late and hence rush to do lunch. My husband loves and awaits to have a hot home cooked meal over the weekend and hence I try to cook something interesting for him. Last week I was on the lookout for a traditional and yet home cooked chicken curry and to my surprise I found one from a fellow blogger and you know what happened :-) dished it out. When I read her post I was sure that this is the one I wanted to try. Its a recipe shared by her friend and I just want to thank them both for this amazing recipe. Needless to say that Hyderabadi cuisine is known for its marriage of flavors and spicy dishes. I've dished out few other hyderabadi recipes like the Hyderabadi mutton biryani and the Mirchi ka salan

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