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Bread Upma Recipe | Easy Bread Indian Recipe | Quick Masala Bread

I wish I had a story to tell, well I don't cos I don't feel like it... I have screwed my camera by chipping the memory card while juggling it from the camera socket to the laptop hmmm so have been really upset and this has caused a slowdown in my cooking a bit. While I try to get things resolved I wanted to share one of my favorite snack/ breakfast Bread Upma which has been in my drafts for a while and thought what better time to post it. 

Bread Upma gets its fragrance from tossing the bread pieces in little ghee and dare I say its healthy .. its a simple to do dish with left-over bread and any kind, I've used brown bread and you can pair it with any vegetable that you like but I love just plain and simple with cashew, onions and a simple tempering.

Cook & Prep time - 10 mins
Serves - 2 


Bread slices (white/brown) - 8-10
Onion - 1 medium finely chopped
Curry leaves - spring
Red chilli (dry) - 1
Mustard seed - 1/4 tsp
Red chilli powder - 1/4 tsp (optional)
Kashmiri red chilli - generous pinch (for color)
Turmeric powder - generous pinch
Salt - as needed
Cashew - few (optional)
Oil - 1 tsp
Ghee - 1 tbsp (optional)


Cube the bread slices with/ without the ends. In a large pan, heat ghee fry the bread pieces until golden, drain excess oil in paper tissue. In the same pan add the oil and once hot add the mustard seeds wait for it to pop, curry leaves and red chilli, once the aroma is released add the red chilli, kashmiri red chilli and turmeric let it cook for 20 seconds now add the fried bread and toss until well combined. 

Serve hot with tea/ coffee


  1. i see so many varieties of bread upma and i love them all. my very second dish was bread upma but of a softer kind with tomatoes and made sort of gravy. u can chek under recipe index and btw that dish only got me in cooking competition where i was joint in third place with another contestant

    so this is easy peasy anytime dish prepared in jiffy

    i like ur use of cashews here

    squash halwa a guest post

  2. Simple but delicious upma..addition of cashew makes it more tasty.

  3. Hi Sis hope you get your memory card issue fixed soon :) Lovely version of bread upma..Seriously loved the toasting of bread pieces in ghee I know how it will give a good aroma.. :) Nice and delectable recipe Sis :)
    My 4th guest post

  4. I too make this kind of Upma, Priya, usually when there are leftovers. But now with all bread lovers at home, bread just disappears.. Love this upma. :)

  5. Delicious snack,love it this way,flavorful and super yum

  6. i like to add eggs with bread.. delicious upma :)

  7. this is a great idea Priya! looks like a delicious snack .

  8. Awww... get well soon Priya's camera! :( Dont worry girl, its gonna be okie and u wil back at clicking ur yummies and bloggin fresh posts :) nice and simple dish, hubby's fav :)

  9. I wouldn’t mind trying this out!

  10. Thats a very simple recipe. Nice one dear

  11. Bread upma looks delicious Priya. don't worry about camera, sometimes like this will happen. May be you will get a new camera.

  12. Simple yummy it...

  13. I'll happily have this upma even everyday, never tried toasting bread in ghee, will make some with ghee soon.

  14. Mmmm....looks very delicious

  15. yummy and mouthwatering

  16. I just thought of this in the morning but changed my plan. Yummy it looks!!

  17. Quick and delicious upma...Nice idea of using cashew...

  18. Crisp it looks n nice presentation!!!
    Diwali Special recipe - Whole Wheat Bread Jamun

  19. Looks fabulous, a great idea to use leftover bread! Love the new look of your blog!

  20. I love this with a generous topping of cheese! Yumm yummm

  21. oh oh! fry with ghee??tats not gud!!:O
    but its tooooooo tempting priya!! :(
    hope ur camera is ok and up working soon!!

  22. this is one of my favorite and quick breakfast…like the vibrant color

  23. Wish i could grab that bowl now.....looks so tempting!!

  24. i also have abread upma which i smy favourite and its up on my blog too.. so was curious to know what is ur style of making it... love dthe simplicity .. which means its ready soon.. i make idli upma like this at times... just doing teh tempering!!


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