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Red Snapper Fish Fry | Sankara Meen Varuval | South Indian Fish Fry recipe

Its been a while since I posted a recipe up in this base. I was drained with few personal priorities that kept me away from blogging but I am so glad to get back on tract. Will be back to posting recipes often and thanks to all my friends, followers, readers and bloggers who kept checking with me regarding my absence :-) truly blessed to have such wonderful people who care about me and of course this yummy blog ;-). Its officially summer and I have been trying ways to keep my body cool, I will be sharing more summer recipes, so stay tuned. 

I am back with my favourite recipe and you can say that this fish fry has been with us since childhood and I used to love this pink fish (nick named by moi) originally called Red snapper/ sankara meen. Its one of the easiest and widely available variety of fish and the cheapest of all fishes. They taste great and does have many bones but they are excellent when fried with a sweet tangy marinate. 

Saffola Total - "protects better than olive oil"

Saffola is not a new name in an Indian household. After being married, like most home makers I had to do grocery shopping & planning meals. And if there was one oil that I would pick up it would be Saffola Low Absorb. Surprisingly few weeks back I was approached by Saffola to do a product review for their newly launched product Saffola Total, I immediately said yes. I was a little curious to know what their new product claimed and this is what I found out

Sambar Vadai | Sambar Vada | South Indian Breakfast Recipe

Sambar Vadai Recipe
Sambar Vadai Recipe
Idly, Dosa, Sambar, Vadai almost rhyming as it sounds, a South Indian home will never be complete without these tasty platter of food. I have seen anyone and everyone love medhu vadai (vadas). Although deepfried, no one can say no to a crisp vada with some coconut chutney and sambar for evening tea. And when making medhu vadai we will sure be left with few and the best way to enjoy them is to make Curd Vada (Thayir vadai) or Sambar vada. Whenever we end up having breakfast outside I will never fail to have a plate of sambar vadai. It tastes great with a cup of coffee :-) pure bliss. R & I love south Indian food for breakfast most times and with vadas we never complain. 

You can follow the same recipe as the medhu vadai recipe which I had posted earlier. Use leftover vadas to make this sambar vadai platter. The best part is you can make them ahead and serve for guests or family.

Pineapple Gateau | Pineapple Fresh cream layer cake | Fatless Sponge for Layered Cakes

Pineapple Cream Cake
Pineapple Cream Cake
February is a month of celebrations for us. This year I knew exactly what cake I wanted to bake for our wedding anniversary, its none other than this fresh cream pineapple pastry (pineapple gateau). My husband loves this cake and like all couples we rub food likes from each other. As much as I love chocolates I have started to fall in love with pineapple pastry (some kind of virus that my husband gladly passed onto me). To add to the joy my parents were also with us for the celebration and it so happen that my parents also loved white cakes and pineapple for sure. So I had this huge majority of fans for this cake and how can I not bake this? Last year it was a private affair with just the two of us celebrating our anniversary and I made a redvelvet cake with butter cream roses otherwise called as the Rosette cake which is one of the popular posts in my blog till date. 

Since this time we had family around I really didn't have time to click many pictures and by the time we cut the cake it vanished quickly, only late evening I realised that I had forgot to click a piece of this three layered pineapple beauty. I got huge comments and compliments from the people I love the most. What other way to  get me excited? I had great sense of contentment that the whole feast that I had been planning for my parents and us was a huge hit. This post is just to share some of my excitement of our big day with all of you. Hope you enjoy this cake as much as we do. Special thanks to each and everyone of my dear family, friends and readers who wished us on our special day :-). We did feel like newly married and obviously love all that attention ;-). Thank You!

Badam Halwa | Badam halwa in packets | Badam ka Halwa - Celebrating 3 beautiful years!

Badam Halwa Recipe
Badam Halwa Recipe
Another year & another reason to celebrate life with my beloved. Its been three years since we said 'I do' and its truly special day for us this year since we had the privileged to celebrate this day with both our parents. I prepared a feast for them and my dad and mom were sure so very happy and excited to sit and enjoy a full spread meal served by their own daughter. I consider this a great thing since its hard to do something like this atleast for me. And of course my husband enjoyed the feast and kept telling my dad ' How is my wife's cooking' :P sometimes I get stuck between these men and their talks. Nevertheless this year was sure special and will carry this memory for a lifetime. So among the feast that I had made Badam Halwa was on the top list. I served it along their lunch menu of Mutton Biryani, Brinjal Salna, Onion Raita, Tandoori Chicken legs, Boiled eggs, cucumber carrot salad and Cake for dessert. Since I was preparing a huge quantity I specified with few dishes so that I would not delay in serving everyone warm food. The cake recipe will be up next on blog so so look out for it.

Badam Halwa to me brings back fond childhood memories, my parents were part of this yearly club where we spent most weekends and even for lunch/ dinners. And one of the specialities of the club chef was Badam halwa. This melt in mouth sweet is wrapped in butter paper and no one can be satisfied with just one ;-). So I made sure to do more than required since I knew this is our family favourite. There are couple of versions to make badam halwa but this version is best for wrapping them and also serving them as it is. But there is something about wrapping them in butter paper, I found the secret it keeps the badam halwa nice and moist. Since its a milk based sweet make sure to enjoy them within 4 days (incase it lasts that long ) ;-). 

Family Verdict - Its perfect in sweetness and far better than the sweet shop version of loaded ghee.

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