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Saffola Total - "protects better than olive oil"

Saffola is not a new name in an Indian household. After being married, like most home makers I had to do grocery shopping & planning meals. And if there was one oil that I would pick up it would be Saffola Low Absorb. Surprisingly few weeks back I was approached by Saffola to do a product review for their newly launched product Saffola Total, I immediately said yes. I was a little curious to know what their new product claimed and this is what I found out

- Double the Anti-oxidant powder
- 10% lower absorption than olive oil
- Multiseed technology

With the tag line of "Saffola Total protects better than olive oil" Marico launched the new range of edible oil called - Saffola Total, which is blend of 70 per cent rice bran oil and 30 per cent refined safflower seed oil and is supposed to have twice the anti-oxidant power of olive oil along with lower absorption and specifically designed for Indian cooking.

There have been huge debates as to which oil is best for heart health, lower cholesterol, healthy for deep frying & so on. At this age and time we do research to find answers for these questions online. Although we do get answers, one other issue is where can I find these oil locally? In my opinion finding an ingredients locally does matter. With Saffola that is never an issue, they are widely available in the Indian market. For an Indian customer this is a huge challenge. There is another new study which says Rice barn oil is the one healthy one far better than olive oil. Unlike olive oil rice barn is great for deep frying. Don't just settle here, Saffola Total is the answer and this is exactly why

Saffola Total (synergistic blend)= Rice bran oil + Refined Safflower (kardi) oil.

Nutritional Value

Saffola has made matters simple, they are a well known brand & they have done their own research which does make our job simple. I found so much of research & work gone in this product or to put it better in all their products. Since saffola is a trusted brand I sure believe what they claim.

Double Anti-oxidant power
When it comes to cooking, Indians invariably heat oil to high temperatures. This leads to the formation of free radicals. The presence of a carefully designed Antioxidant system which withstands high temperatures can prevent the formation of these free radicals, thereby protecting you from their ill effects. Saffola Total gives you the power of 5 antioxidants while olive oil gives you only 2.

Lowabsorb Technology

Saffola Oils are equipped with patented Losorb technology due to which foods cooked in Saffola Oils absorb lesser oil and therefore the total fat consumption is less/reduced. Quantity of oil consumed every day is as important as the right quality of oil you choose for daily cooking.

Multiseed Technology

Saffola Total is a blended oil which has the goodness of two oils in one. National Institute of Nutrition recommends a blend of two oils as it helps in the optimum intake of all kinds of fatty acids.

Keeping your cholesterol levels within normal range is of prime importance for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), India also recommends the use of blended oils which uses a correct combination/blend of 2 or more vegetable oils to achieve intake of right kinds of fatty acids. Saffola Total is a synergistic blend of Rice bran oil and Refined Safflower (kardi) oil.

Eating tasty is important but eating healthy with the right ingredients does count a lot. Make a healthy choice by choosing Saffola Total. 

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  1. lovely review post dear :)

  2. Decent review and very useful post Priya

  3. I have used so many cooking oil but I have found that I like Saffola the most. I got to know the health benefits only recently but otherwise also taste-wise, for me Saffola is the best. Thanks for the review!

  4. I have used so many cooking oil but I have found that I like Saffola the most. I got to know the health benefits only recently but otherwise also taste-wise, for me Saffola is the best. Thanks for the review!

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  8. Very useful review for the Safolla oil.

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  10. Very Interesting Review about Saffola Priya. Very well explained and well written.

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  12. Your page looks lovely. Saffola is the only brand I use when it comes to cooking oil. Delighted with your review. Thanks for sharing!


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