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Baath Cake | Goan Semolina & Coconut Cake | Goan Christmas Recipe

Today I am so excited to share my blog to a wonderful blogger friend Priya Suresh, she is the author, cook, recipe writer, photographer behind her well know blog Priya's Easy and Tasty Recipes aka Priya's Versatile Recipe. As the name suggests her recipes are indeed easy, tasty and versatile. The day I started to invite guest posts I simply knew who all to invite and Priya was one among them. Sharing the same names did get me curious to know more about her ;-). Being a frequent visitor to her blog I used to admire her baking skills - she bakes excellent bread, a recipe developer and a person who is consistent in delivering posts. My observations of her would be that she is a humble and down to earth person who encourages most bloggers, her write ups can never be boring she would mostly talk about her recipe, give credits to others and also keep her photographs simple. Few favorites in her collection would be Swiss roll ice cream cake, Oats Almond Ladoo (which is a personal favorite, I have tried it twice at home :-) Eggless Braid Roll, and something simple as chappthi with healthier addition barley - Barley Chappthi  

Today I wanted to make things interesting for readers and fellow bloggers and hence came up with some questions that will give us a great insight into Priya and her blogging passion. You will be stunned to see her responses :-) thank you so much Priya and I am so delighted to share my space with you today. Before we go ahead with the post I want to thank Priya for her time, effort and this amazing recipe...

1. You have been blogging since 2008 and over 2000 + recipes, how do keep it going??? 
Don't laugh if i say my blog is my darling virtual baby, obviously my blog baby need more attention. As we feed kids and take care of them everyday,am blogging just to feed my blog baby.

2. You are a dedicated blogger and a recipe developer, tell us 5 ways in which blogging has changed you as a person and as a cook
Thanks Priya, 
- Yep blogging changed me a lot, am an health nut now. I feed my family with healthy stuffs even  times it is not easy to feed them.
- Before I used to cook rarely with wholegrains ever since I started blogging, now thrice a week I cook with wholegrains.
- Back then I never knew much about vegan and eggless baking, but blogging thought me.Now I don't run behind the eggs for baking.Honestly I am cooking my foods now; very much healthier than before.
- Before blogging, I usually go for deep frying even for a cutlet but now i do either shallow frying or baking,needless to say i cook with less oil now.
- Twice a week, I bake my breads at home,without this blogsphere I would have never learned bread baking and eggless or vegan bakes.

3. You are someone who keeps coming with different combinations, what to you is the most weird combination that worked best in a recipe?
I can give a huge list, when its comes to fusion, I always have a second thought whether this combination might work prefect or not, but sometimes i happened to trash them. The weird combination that worked best is Belgian Endives & Coriander Chutney,actually belgian endives have a bitter taste just almost like our bitter gourd and people here goes for baking with ham,when I tried this chutney with coriander leaves was totally shocked when final result turned out a tasty chutney.We enjoyed thoroughly with some dosas, from that day onwards I never hesitate a second to add this vegetables in my cooking either in sambhar or in chutneys.

4. If you had to give 5 tips to newbie blogger what would it be?
5 tips great, even I am learning still and you are asking me to give five tips,that definitely a hard task,but never mind I'll give my thoughts here.

1)Since blogging is a virtual platform where everyone can have access to it, I definitely advice a new blogger not to share their personal lives here.Take enough attention to what you are writing in your space.
2)If you are food blogger, plan your post before a week, so that its wont be hectic for you and your posts will be ready to post anytime.
3)I don't like trashing anything, obviously if you are trying a new dish,make it with less ingredients, in case if its go wrong you can trash them without any second thought.
4)An eye pleasing picture will definitely attracts your reader, so never mind to invest to get a best camera.
5)I don't like presenting my dishes with props, personally I want my readers to focus on the food i shared, so if you are using properties in your picture, please use them less and focus on your food,i have already seen in some blogs that they will take much care about the properties than the main dish.
Hope this 5 tips will help some here.You will keep on learning with blogging world, so never hesitate to vist your other bloggers to learn or share your thoughts.

5. Tell us your story behind the making of your blog and if you had to tell me 5 things about you what would that be?
Actually, am a big foodie,obviously preparing foods or eating foods will definitely keeps me happy.I started cooking when I was young, for some reading books will keep them happy but for me foods or bakes will keep me happy.I came by accident to this virtual world, earlier I was posting my recipes in a site, one day the owner of the site asked me why shouldn't I start a blog to put my all dishes together under a roof called blogging. Seriously I loved that idea and started immediately my space in 2008. You wont believe, the first day of my blogging I posted almost 15 recipes.This is how I started my blog.

About me

Am a mom of 3 wonderful kids.The keep me busy and I don't like sitting idle, as most of us say my world is around my kids and husband. Having grown up kids at home gives me more energy to make healthy foods.
I live in Paris, the famous romantic city of France,i came here once after my marriage and am living here since 1994.I was born and brought up in a beautiful seashore city called Pondicherry, obviously you can guess why am living in France. Its an ancient french colony so Pondicherrieans have an option to become french citizen.
Am a pure non vegetarian, but after becoming a health nut am consuming lean meats than the red meats.
Music,my another passion. Being an amateur musician's daughter i was always pampered with good music from my young age. If i feel down,after food definitely a soul soothing song of Raja sir (Ilaya Raja) will makes me happy.

Baath Cake (Goan Semolina & Coconut Cake)

Since Christmas is nearing i thought to bake a something special christmassy for my guest post.My first thought went for a bread from Europe but finally decided to make a Christmas cake. I usually make Christmas special plum cake, but for a change i went for this baath cake, this cake is from Goa and they make this cake traditionally for every Christmas.

This cake is usually baked in traditional clay oven and Goans have their oven touch in this baath cake. Goan cuisine is very much influenced by Portuguese food. Obviously this cake has its origins from Portuguese cuisine.

This cake is very much rich with a wonderful coconut flavor with less butter when compared to the other Christmas cakes. Semolina and coconut together gives a wonderful texture to this fabulous cake, obviously this cake is definitely flavorful.


3 nos Eggs
1 cup Semolina (fine quality)
2 cups Grated fresh coconut
1+1/2 cups Sugar
3 tbsp All purpose flour
1 tbsp Corn flour
1/2 tsp Salt
2 tsp Baking powder
3 tbsp Butter (room temperature)
1 tbsp Vanilla essence
1/2 cup Warm water
Few dry fruits

  • Beat the eggs till they turns fluffy and add the butter to it,beat again for few minutes.
  • Grind the grated coconut with warm water to make a thick coarse paste. 
  • In an another bowl, take the semolina,all purpose flour,baking powder,cornflour,salt and sugar and mix well.
  • Now add the grounded coarse coconut paste,beaten eggs gradually to the dry ingredients.Mix everything well with a spatula.
  • Cover it and keep the above mixture for 8 hours in room temperature (if the climate is chilled) or over night for best results.
  • If the climate is hot, cover this cake batter and keep in fridge for 8 hours or overnight, remove an hour earlier to bring it at room temperature before baking. Finally add the vanilla essence and give a stir.
  • Preheat the oven to 170C. Transfer the cake batter to a well greased round or square mold. Top it with dry fruits. Bake for 30-35 minutes until a skewer inserted comes out clean.
Your Baath Cake is ready.


  1. Thanks Priya,for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Am honoured to be a part of your guest post series. Thanks a ton again for ur kind words.

    1. thanks a ton to you :) sending you a mail please check love u

  2. Delicious cake right in time for Christmas.. Loved reading more about Priya Suresh. Thanks to Priya Ranjit for inviting her. Thanks to Priya Suresh for the very useful tips for the bloggers..

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  4. thanks priya for inviting priya :) nice write up too.. really a yummy n delicious cake..

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  6. lovely Christmas cake:)Thanks to Priya Ranjith for inviting her.Am also becoming a fan for her:)Thanks to Priya Suresh for wonderful tips....

  7. lovely Christmas cake...Thanks to Priya Suresh for the very useful tips...

  8. Such a lovely texture, and I have one more question for Priya, how do you keep track of your posts, not to repeat them, after only 180 posts I find it difficult and u have posted over 2000..

  9. Nice write up, I was in eager to know abt hte super active blogger Priya Suresh, thks Priya u made it n Thks Priya Suresh for sharing valuable tips...

  10. owo awesome interview and recipe! hats off to both of u!:)

  11. Wow...Lovely guest post...Glad to know about you Priya..:) Cake looks tempting...Great job gals...

  12. I love Priya and her recipes. Always wanted to be her neighbour and she's aware of that! So happy to see her guest posting in your wonderful page. It's so yummy in!!! :)

  13. Wonderful guest post, so nice to learn more about Priya! The cake looks great, interesting recipe too. Wish I could grab a slice, tempting pics. Thanks to both of you :)

  14. Enjoyed reading this post! thanks for sharing the tips and the recipe too. cake looks delicious and great

  15. Beautiful guest post Priya and Priya. Delicious bath cake.

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  17. really a good post Priya has done for u...brings in the Christmas atmosphere. would love to give it a try..

  18. If anyone has tried this cake without eggs, please let me know how it turned out. I do not consume eggs but would like to try it.


  19. A lovely guest post and delicious looking cake!



  20. Very nice guest post. Happy to know more about u dear. Cake looks very delicious. Bookmarking this.

  21. Priya Suresh..U r such a versatile and loveable blogger.... I admire Priya, how she spontaneously comes up with different recipes and also her comments are always adorable and encouraging... I always love her humble nature.. Keep rocking Priya :) And good guest post Sis am glad to know more about her, thanks for the tips too Priya :) They are definitely useful!!

    btw Cake looks super cool and delectable!! :)

  22. it is a visual delight just before xmas. thanks for sharing :)

  23. Dear Priya, here's wishing you & your loved ones A Very Happy New Year, 2014! I love the Baath cake, and would like to know, for how long (days) can it be stored out at room temperature? I live in Sri lanka, so we have tropical temperatures. Pls reply soon. Thanks.

    1. Dear Almeida,

      Thanks for writing to me :-) Happy new year to you. You can keep it in room temperature for upto 2 days, since the cake has eggs and butter its better to consume them within 2 days. Hope this helps

      Thank u


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