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Mysore Pak | South Indian Mysore Pak

Have you ever tried something and it ended up as a kitchen flop and never had the guts to try it again? well that's me. Last year around this time I tried this Mysore Pak recipe and it ended up in a Mysore Fudge all gooey and although it tasted pretty ok I was not so pleased with it and decided to bin it. Seriously felt bad that I wasted that amount of ghee. After a year I am back again with doing this recipe of Mysore Pak and it turned out just right. Nevertheless I have conquered the fear to try mysore pak at home and have been waiting to hear what my husband has to say about it as I try to type this post here. Will update the verdict soon :-) I promise. Divya thank you so much for this lovely recipe, all credits to you.

Mysore Pak is a speciality ghee sweet made in Karnataka that is loaded with a lot of ghee and tends to melt in your mouth. There are various versions of Mysore pak starting from firm porous burfi type, soft melt in mouth and a mix of both you can say inbetween firm less porous  burfi kind and yet melt in mouth soft texture. This version that I have shared here is a fair mix of both the soft and hard type mysore pak. If u are a beginner or doing this for the first time I suggest you take a helping hand while doing Mysore Pak

MYSORE PAK RECIPE (please check notes before doing the recipe)

Recipe Source - here
Makes - 14 small rectangles
Cook & Prep time - 15 mins 


Gram Flour/ Besan/ Chickpeas flour - 1/2 cup
Oil - 1/4 cup
Sugar - 1 cup 
Water - 1/2 cup
Ghee- 1/2 cup melted

  • First prepare and keep ready all ingredients - melt 1/2 cup ghee and let it cool down. Add sugar to a non stick pan, mix besan and oil to a smooth paste. Grease a tin/ plate with ghee (I used a loaf tin) which was perfect for the amount of mysore pak I made

  • Now in the pan of sugar add water and bring it to a boil. as shown below the sugar syrup will boil and come to different stages starting with medium bubbles with more bubbles and large bubbles. Now you need to check for one string consistency by using a laddle you take little of the syrup blow the heat and touch with your thumb and index finger and check for one sting (very important)

  • Once the one string is achieved add the besan oil mixture and keep continuously mixing with a spoon and do not stop (medium-low flame) and keep adding ghee little by little in one hand and mixing in the other hand, both has to happen simultaneously. After 2 minutes or so you will see the mixture changing colour.

  • At one point the mixture will start leaving the sides of the pan. Immediately pour into the greased pan, if you find it still bubbling just tap 2-3 times on the counter top. Exactly after a minute the mixture will become solid, using a greased knife and cut into slices. Immediately reverse the pan and transfer the mysore pak into a plate.

Relish it warm or in room temperature and enjoy :-)

Cooks Wisdom

- Make sure you keep all ingredients and preparations ready before starting off to do the cooking part.

- Never ever over cook the sugar syrup to more than one string the texture of the mysore pak will definitely change.
- You can add more ghee if required I just added 1/2 cup 
- Make sure you use good quality gram flour that is fresh 
- Take care not to burn yourself while making the mysore pak, and especially during checking the one string consistency
- Make sure you cut the slices when its still warm else it will start breaking and you will not have even slices and also tilt them to a plate immediately after cutting into slices


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