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Kheema Cutets | Goat Keema Cutlet | Keema Starter Recipe

Mutton Kheema Cutlets are a big hit at home, Amma makes it so well and as kids we never complain to eat them :-). She made sure to do it once a month and when everyone is at home. A super simple recipe and you can even do it ahead and then shallow fry them when you want it. The minced meat is pre-cooked and made into dumplings along with mashed potatoes and spices. Later coated with batter rolled on breadcrumbs and then shallow fried. You really do not need a side to dip these cutlets they taste great on their own.

So last weekend when we had friends over for lunch I made these as a starter and they simply enjoyed these Kheema cutlets a lot and everyone wanted a second and third serving ;-) I couldn't be more happy. 


Recipe Source - Own
Makes -12-13 medium cutlets
Cook time - 15 mins
Prep time - 15 mins


To pressure cook

Minced meat (goat) or chicken - 250 gms
Water - 1 cup
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp

For the cutlet base

Potato- 1 large boiled and mashed
Green chilli - 5-6 nos finely minced
Fennel seeds - 2 tsp powdered/ use fennel powder
Salt as required


Egg - 2 large, beated
Breadcrumbs- as required (approx 1 and 1/2 cup)-Click HERE for homemade breadcrumbs recipe


  • Pressure cook the meat with water, turmeric and salt for 4-5 whistles until well cooked. Once the pressure settles down, open the lid and check it the water has evaporated else strain it you can use that water a stock to soup or cook further until all the water is evaporated. Set aside and let this cool down
  • Boil and cook the potatoes. mash and set aside. To this add the minced green chilli, fennel powder and salt. Taste to check for spice and salt
  • Now add the cooked meat to this and prepare dumplings or balls and flatten it. Arrange them on a plate, you can freeze these to be used later or refrigerate according to your convenience
  • Just before shallow frying them, take them outside and let it come down to room temperature.
  • Once its ready drip each dumpling in egg wash and roll on breadcrumbs, tap the excess and arrange on a plate, repeat this to all the dumplings
  • Heat oil as required to shallow fry and fry each side for 2 minutes and flip to fry the other side
Serve warm and enjoy :-)

Cooks Wisdom

- Make sure that the meat is well cooked, since its pre-cooked I only shallow fried it. Alternately you can deep fry the potato dumplings directly in oil 
- These patties can be freezed to use later too for burgers and even for a lunch in a sandwich
- You can add spices too and make it more tasty, nevertheless these taste great without any spice powders
- I used the home-made breadcrumbs that I did a while ago, check the post HERE


  1. Healthy snack for school going kids.Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can have just like that few of those crispy cutlets, its been a while i had them.

  3. such a tempting cutlet n perfectly shallow fried...

  4. I am not a mutton fan but this cutlet simply tells me come dig in.

  5. Wow very nice babe...will make this...bookmarked

  6. Keema cutlets are crispy .....fabulous

  7. cutlets look super tempting and inviting...

  8. name itslef making me hungry n temptign vth colour...


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