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Reshmi Kebab | Creamy Chicken Kebab | Oven baked Reshmi Kebab | Chicken Starter Recipe

Are you a Kebab lover like me? Both R & me are great fans of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka and Reshmi Kebab is another variation to the spicy tandoori varieties like Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka... etc. A Kebab is usually a skewer based tandoori recipe, but here I have used the same marinate for regular chicken pieces and broiled them in the oven to get a tandoori effect. Although you can use the same marinate to broil boneless chicken thighs or even minced chicken and roll them on wooden skewers and broil for the same temperature. I made this as a starter for a meal we planned for a lovely couple a few days ago. Everyone really enjoyed this Reshmi Kebab and I was so pleased :-)

Reshmi Kebab is made with marinated chicken in full fat cream, pepper, kastoori methi (dried fenugreek leaves), mint leaves and salt. This tender meat is then oven broiled to get a perfect tandoori effect. Its mild in spices and you do not need any artificial colouring, yet the chicken is succulent and juicy holding its flavours. 


Chicken (with bones/boneless) - 500 gms/ 1/2 kg
Heavy Cream - 1/2 cup (I used Amul, it is nice and thick)
Butter - 2 tbsp melted
Cornflour - 1 tbsp 
Salt - to taste
Lemon wedges - to serve

Grind to a paste

Dried fenugreek leaves / Kastoori Methi - 1 tbsp
Mint leaves, chopped fine - 2 tbsp
Black pepper powder - 1 tsp
Green chillies chopped - 3-4 nos
Garlic - 3 pods

  • Wash the chicken in running water - 3-4 times and set on a colander to drain water completely for 10 minutes. Make small slits on the chicken such that the marination gets well inside the meat
  • Now grind to a paste all the ingredients mentioned under to grind
  • In a small bowl add the ground paste and the cream, salt mix well and taste to check salt and spice level, you can add may be 1/2 tsp more pepper if required
  • Now add this paste to the chicken in a large bowl and mix well, cover with cling film/ a lid and keep in refrigerator for minimum 5 hours or overnight (I usually let it marinate overnight)
  • Make sure to bring the marinated chicken 30 mins in room temperature before broiling them
  • Next day pre-heat oven to 225 C/ 437  F broil/ grill / fan grill mode for 10 mins, prepare the baking tray with a silver foil and place the chicken pieces on them, drizzle melted ghee and sprinkle cornflour on top
  • Bake for 25 mins on one side then remove the pan carefully and turn sides to cook further for 20 minutes.
  • Once done remove the tray from the oven place on a cooling rack, remove from the pan and serve hot 
  • Just before serving drizzle lemon juice and serve 

Cooks Wisdom

- If you are using wooden skewers soak them for 3 hours in warm water and then use. Metal skewers can be used directly
- You can mix and match the proportions of ingredients to suit our taste except for the cream
- I added less butter since I used heavy cream, you can use more butter if you want more
- Adding cornflour helps in the chicken turning a little crisp on the outside, it gives a good crust

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  1. It is really a mouthwatering recipe priya.

  2. So delicious looking kebab.. must try this ..

  3. inviting starter...perfect for home party's..

  4. Wonderfully prepared reshmi kabab. Wish I was there to get a taste of it.

  5. Very inviting...i love the first picture...

  6. well prepared dear..Drooling !!!

  7. very tempting and wonderfully made kebabs, love it yaar....

  8. Reshmi Kababs look fingerlicking good, so prefectly done :)

  9. it looks perfect da.. like the first click.. i'm yet to try reshmi kabab at home..

  10. Those kebabs are extremely irresistible, cant resist to those thighs..

  11. thata very very tempting click Priya.perfect lighting and all..i want to try this one day :)

  12. This looks so yummy Priya....gonna get me some heavy cream today. this shall be made for Saturday lunch :-) WIll share my feedback !

  13. What's that you call as heavy cream? Yogurt ?

    1. Hi Sri
      I have used cream and not yoghurt. Cream is what we use to make paneer butter masala and for this recipe cream is used to marinate chicken.


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