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My experience @ Bloggers' Buzz

One of the best things that happened in 2013 is a Food Blogger's Meet, a get together of like-minded foodies called "Bloggers' Buzz". This was my first ever bloggers meet I had so much fun, made some great friends and we also got to share about things other than food. I was really surprised and happy to see how well organized the event was, right from the start to the end, everything was well co-ordinated and hats off to the BB Team- Preeti Deo, Nupur Mehra, Nisha Thomas & Suchismita Mazumdar for doing this

We learnt, shared, laughed, pondered, networked and clicked. I was one among those who had some failed & not so perfect attempts (check it out here) in macarons and it was great to have a workshop by Dora from BoBo on how to make perfect macs. I always wanted to see an expert whip egg whites and tip the batter and the session was so useful. We asked her more questions  than (I am sure) she ever expected. But nevertheless she was great to explain each and every detail, giving us a new insight into mac making, which I am yet to explore but sure that day is soon to come.

Being a DSLR novice, the food photography workshop by Jeanne Horak-Druiff of Cooks Sister was a great insight and I am sure it will take me years to get to understand the details of her inputs but still it was a great eye opener and one thing I learnt from it all is that the camera can do magic and the camera manual is sure a Bible of information to be learnt and explored. I did try to move my camera setting from automatic to manual to explore the possibilities, in all hope to improve in my food pictures.

Like most food bloggers even I wanted to monetize my blog and Charlotte from Glam Media gave us a great opportunity to sign up with them. I am sure going to consider doing this and was happy that she was able to clear my doubts. 

We got a big goodie bag that can rave about one whole day :P. Our goodie bags were sponsored by Avedna, Dreamcakes,  Devnaa, Total Yogurt,  Silver Spoon, Promo Sourcery, Pop Chips. I have started using the Neilsen Vanilla Extract and SilverSpoon golden caster sugar, the recipe will follow in my blog soon. I have never used Vanilla Bean can you believe it? and I was so happy to get them sponsored by SilverSpoon for which I have a zillion recipes in mind, Suchi, Nisha were suggesting I try Vanilla Sugar so that is first I guess. I am also very tempted to try some recipes from BakingMad cookbook. 

Lastly I totally enjoyed the food and snacks served. Being a food blogger what other better way to keep us happy??? We had food sponsored by Total Yogurt, Whittard of Chelsea, BoBo Macarons, Pop Chips, Urban Tadka and Shri Krishna Vada PavIt was really a great break from the usual routine and I had one galla time with fellow bloggers. In all honesty I was so happy to see faces behind the blogs I used to visit. Made some great friends and this post comes as my thank you note for the lovely team for doing all that they did and with so many uncertainties they made it "our day". Thank You - Preeti, Nisha, Nupur and Suchi for doing this.

I took back with me some great moments and a bunch of friends. And I am so glad I could make it, looking forward to more such meets. Thank you for taking time to read this. 

With Love,


  1. lovely post :) and really happy to know detailed info abt how you guys enjoyed together :)

  2. It is very nice to know your experience there in B & B, Thanks for sharing it with us..

  3. wow indeed u did have a nice time....

  4. thanks a bunch for coming priya..n lovely post. i know the macaron class was my fav. now im more confident about trying them again. let me know how the vanilla sugar turns out.. :)

  5. Glad to know you enjoyed the meet akka, wish I was there too :) And good post to share with us about all the wonderful moments :) Kudos to the team for the effort...!!

  6. What an awesome experience Priya... nicely worded account of your experience - Wish I could have been there - cheers, Priya

  7. Thanks for this Honest review of the event Priya.. Your Blog looks awesome ! :)

  8. great post Priya,u have covered the names of all sponsers in detail...i m sure they will happy about it :) It was defintely one of the best thing this year, i was still in that mood whole of last week,thats way i m blogging quite actively these days :)

  9. Happy to know that u had a wonderful time there, lovely write up n thanks for sharing all your precious moments with us...

  10. Wonderful and great review sis, dunno whether am able to write as you did, you have simply did a fantastic job.

  11. Dear Priya,

    Congrats... You have been nominated for Liebster Blog Award.please check my blog for more details.

    With love,

  12. Nice Sharing Priya..Lovely!

  13. Read abt it at Priya's too, looks like you girls had an awesome experience..

  14. First time in your blog Priya. Must say love this space, I really like your blog header :-) Thanks for this lovely post on BB :-) Cheers, Suchi


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