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Chocolate Mousse | Eggless Chocolate Mousse ~ Guest post by Sangeetha

I am so happy to share with all my blog followers a lovely sweet post from my dear friend and sister Sangeetha. She blogs and owns a space called Spicy Treats. She is one of my close friends from the blogging circle, whom I got to talk, chat and laugh with for the past few months. One gem of a person, sweet hearted, down to earth and very caring. Sometimes in life its hard to come across a lovely person and you wonder why didn't we be friends for a long time??? or where, why did we take so long to connect??? I sure got this feeling once we got to talk with each other. Sangee is a big inspiration to me in her blogging skills, versatile recipes, bakes and her beautiful clicks. There have been days that I have admired her bakes and sat and stared at the clicks, that I almost forgot to read the entire post :P. Her skills to capture, play with colors and use props, have really stunned me many a times. I am sure everyone will agree with me by seeing her pics in this post today. There is so many to talk about this lovely friend but I want you all to get to know more about her through this post. She was so sweet to come up with a lovely recipe that too with chocolate :-) now she does know how to win my heart. Sangee, I really am surprised with this post, thank you for talking time to do this recipe and chit-chat. Few of my food loves from her blog are the ~ Pink Roulade, Hidden heart cupcake, Chicken fry, Pinwheel pizza

Now to our chit-chat with Sangee :

Priya - You are a lovely mom of 2 , I am sure you have little choosy eaters. How do you manage to cook recipes for their taste and is there any tips you like to give for new mom's who are struggling to Make their child eat.

Sangee - I think not only my kids most of kids are picky eaters only...mine have only very few fav recipes...but i mostly try to add or modify their fav dish into new /healthy dishes...for eg they like chapathi but they don't eat the side dish(veg curry or vegetables) with it, so i make stuffed chapathis. Like this u can grate n blend veggies to make rice, make some healthy n fresh snack like Patties/baked snacks etc.

Priya - What made you start a blog? How long have you been blogging? Is there any blogging etiquette that you maintain?

Sangee -Aww...nice qstn. After coming here(US) my life is so much sophisticated and at the same time i left alone. So i spend most of the time with my laptop/browsing this n that. Once when i searched for a recipe i came to read it on a blog, that was my first inspiration but i dunno h to write/start my own blog. Two years back on one fine day, accidentally started(Jan 14, 2011) my own blog with my day today cooking recipes. Only after 3-4 months i came to know the meaning and concept of blogging. I don't have any specific rules but i concentrate more on the recipes which i share, though i try to experiment i share only the successful and tasty recipes. Like wise an eye catching/impressive pic is a must for any recipe. Writing and other features are all of individual preference and for me its completely based on my mood :)

Priya - You have been so successful with maintaining lots of readers and followers, how do you get your audience to engage to your content?

Sangee -Another good question, sure in the end of second year my Blog got good recognition and gained few followers/readers. As i said above, i concentrate on my recipes more.. i don't like to bore people with repeated recipes n same categories. If i am sharing such consecutive recipes means would like to present them in an unique way n not to bore the readers with repeated subjects. (hope so ;)
More over in my Facebook Page, i sometimes share the Promo of the recipes for coming week by sharing pics of that recipes which is another way to attract the attention of the readers, so that if they like the pic they keep on watching for the recipes rt?

Priya - Tell us about your initial cooking experience, I am sure everyone has a story behind their interest to cook

Sangee - I love cooking and started by culinary skill so early in my (higher secondary)school days itself. Initially i started by helping my mom in kitchen by chopping veggies and few minor works only. Soon i got interest to cook by my own and my first recipe was Sambar, it was loved by my family members and my mom and dad appreciated me well. From then i was so much addicted to that kind of appreciation and on weekends i how all kinds of recipes and learnt everything from my Mom. And even learned more recipes from my neighbor maamis and aunts. My neighbor maamis and aunts were so kind enough to share their recipes, if u are my reader for long time then u should have known this i have share more of their recipes too. 

Priya - Your blog is well seasoned with lots of easy to cook recipes and bakes. Lots of hard work has gone behind each one of them how do you plan your cooking to posting

Sangee - Initially i used to post 4 recipes per day, then it reduced to 7 or 5 recipes a week n now finally managed to post 3 recipes per week. Like wise before i used to post my daily/day today's cooking recipes and later i started cooking to blog, yes blogging has taught me so many interesting and healthy recipe ideas. Broccoli is one such vegetable i started cooking it more after blogging and now its one of my kids' fav veg u know?! Now becoz of family commitment n also i completely depend on natural light source-sun shine, i cook weekly once n i make 2-3 recipes in one day n post for that week or coming week. So weekly one day dedicated for cooking n clicking :)


Priya - You are one amazing baker, was this a self taught skill ? What will be your one advice to someone who has never baked

Sangee - Amazing Baker ah?! Not at all, have faced many baking disasters u know, have wasted more flour, butter, sugar, choco chips, coconut etc n above all my precious time n energy. Then slowly understood the proper method, the first n foremost thong u need to bake a perfectly baked goodies-patience n attention. These two were the most needed one, if u do things in hurry u lack attention n obviously u miss an ingredient or added plus or minus tsp or cups. Which lead to disaster. And moreover u should not experiment unless u know the purpose of each n every ingredient used in a recipe so try to follow the recipe to T, except u can alter the filling, replace egg, can wheat flour instead APF, etc. This is my opinion and it differs from person to person. So sorry if am wrong!

Priya - Tell us what is your most memorable thing that happened since you started your blog

Sangee - Most memorable thing- there are many lovely n precious moments related to blogging. Would like to share few with u all :) I posted my first century post on 60th day and was really excited and happy to see my creations. Likewise my first award that too from a senior blogger, popular n versatile blogger n my friend Malar. That was really a very happy moment when i saw my name on her space, that really encouraged me n i n my blog was know to many. So thanks a ton Malar. Then very first gift from my friend Vardini for my innovative recipes. And the most lovely moment is reading the lovely comment of my blogger friends  they mean a lot to me, so inspiring and encouraging.

Priya -  I am sure you have tons of recognition and friends from blogosphere. Tell us your journey in your own words.

Sangee - Blogging has changed my life a lot, made it so interesting and meaningful too. In terms of recognition, its full and full by the support and encouragement given by fellow bloggers and readers. Without your motivating comments and encouragement i couldn't able to come up this level. And sure my H's support is the pillar for my space, He only bought a SLR and a separate Laptop for me(blogging) and a good critics for all my creations/experiments. Am so lucky to have him as my better half.  Another biggest treasure which u gained through blogging, "Friends" so far the journey for the past two years was amazing and never thought that blogging will bring such wonderful people in my life. Yep, in these two years i got so many friends and few of them were so close to my heart, including You, Priya. I learnt many things from each one of my friends, may be the cooking skill, photography, dedication, personal life, How to be a good friend, how to be expressive, appreciate n encourage? and many things. All my friends were so special to me, I never forget them in my life, the memories with them are ever green, Pray and wish to be friends forever n ever.

Over to Sangee .... 

I am so thankful to this Blogging World for introducing so many good hearts and virtual friends. One such virtual friend is Priya and am blessed to have found her. I came to know her via blogging for more than 2-3 months but only a month back we became so good n intimate friends. Within few minutes of our conversation i felt some unknown bonding, she is such a lovely person, so affectionate, caring and down to earth person. I learnt many things from her and thank u dear for being my inspiration. Thanks to this blogging world for giving me handful of lovely and like-minded friends.

I love everything here, very pleasant and beautiful lay out, well organized and viewer friendly blog with inviting pics. I love the way she present a dish, so unique and neat. Its always a pleasure visiting her space. She said that her blog is only 9 months old but i could see more number of recipes in all categories. She is also a well versed Cook & Baker. Her simple and home style recipes are my most favorite, her Chicken recipes like Grilled Chicken Zero oil recipe One pot Chicken Roast are in my to do list. Her recent bake for her anniversary, Rosette Cakewas simply superb & very beautifully done, none will say that she is a novice in piping. So perfectly done frosting and its a Gorgeous Cake. 

Now Coming to the recipe, Chocolate Mousse / Eggless Chocolate Mousse, i know like me She too love Chocolates and anything chocolatey. So i wanted to make something chocolatey and this chocolate mousse came to my mind instantly. This is an eggless chocolate mousse, popular recipe by Nigella Lawson. You can make this mousse instantly no need of hours n hours or over night refrigeration, just a chilled mousse is enough. This is so so delicious, silky, smooth and yummy chocolatey mousse. Thanks a ton Priya for this wonderful opportunity, i enjoyed making this for you Hope You and Your readers will like this Chocolate Mousse :) 


Recipe Source: Nigella Lawson


  1. Mini Marshmallows     150gm / 3 cups
  2. Butter, soft                   60gm/3 tbsp
  3. Dark Chocolate/Semi Sweet chocolate    250gm
  4. Boiling water                 60 ml
  5. Heavy Cream      284ml / 1 and 1/2 cup
  6. Vanilla Extract     1 tsp


  • In a heavy sauce pan, melt marshmallows, butter, chopped chocolates and water together. Cook in medium heat, stirring every now and then.

  • Once it completely melted switch off and allow to cool.
  • Meanwhile whip heavy cream and vanilla until thick.

  • Fold it into the cooling chocolate mixture until you have a smooth creamy mixture.
  • Pour into individual serving bowls and let it set in the fridge for about an hour or until u serve.


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