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Pink Beauty ~ A simple healthy drink / breakfast replacement

I had a super weekend of less cooking, more shopping :-) and eating out -binge eating :-( and after all the cooking last week of Breakfast BarsAlmond Cookies & Crab, all I wanted this morning was a breakfast replacement, a healthy drink that can satisfy my ever hungry tummy. Sometimes when I do too much cooking , I cannot eat much... I don't know if this happens to only me or everyone else? my husband finds this weird :D. Though I try to make vegetables as part of our daily diet and being a ardent non-vegetarian, at times I just want nothing to do with non-veg for at least a day/ just 1 meal ;-)

I usually make this veggie drink on these kind of days. This Pink beauty is fully nutritious with simple carrots & beetroot, I used the whole veg without cooking it. Added some yogurt and a dash of ginger to give it a punch. Trust me this simple drink can fill you up for 3-4 hours and I almost forget lunch time.

And if you are very keen to find out the benefits of this 2 veggies please do, Beetroot & Carrot-I was really stunned to find out their goodness. To this adding yogurt helps our immune system. I am linking this to hearth & soul blog hop.

Prep time ~ 10 mins
Serves ~ 2


Carrots - 2 chopped
Beetroot - 1 chopped
Yogurt/ Curd - 1/4-1/2 cup
Ginger - 1/2 inch piece
Sea Salt - pinch


In a mixie/ vegetable/fruit blender blend both veggies with a little water into a smooth and fine paste. Then add the remaining ingredients and blend until combined well. Make sure it is nice and fine, if needed you can strain it or just gulp in the goodness without thinking

Enjoy and have a healthy hearty week my bloggies :-)


  1. very healthy and refreshing drink..

  2. Healthy and delicious drink! First time here and should say you have good collection of recipes. Thanks Priya for visiting me & for joining my blog. I am happy to return the favor :)

  3. Delicious and healthy breakfast recipe, Love that color.

  4. Love this pink beauty,healthy and refreshing.

  5. Healthy de=rink.. Perfect for bf...

  6. Hi Priya, thanks for your lovely comments in my space. But I couldn't find ur profile in my followers list....Plz check to it...
    you have a lovely space and glad to follow you :)

  7. Colorful and healthy smoothie.. Perfect to start the day!!

    Divya's Culinary Journey

  8. Very healthy and refreshing drinks. Love your blog. Thanks for stepping your feet on my space. Following back you gladly.


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