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Lime Mint Cooler ~ My 50'th Post :D

My 50'th post and 72 followers, Life can't get any better for me. For the past week I have been breaking my head to do a special recipe but I just could not think of one. Hence to make things simple, I went ahead with my all time favorite signature drink ~ Lime Mint Cooler.

The sweet and cooling flavor of mint blended with zesty lime give this drink a super refreshing feel and a good thirst quencher for a summer day. Try it and you will love it.

Prep time ~ 3 mins
Serves ~ 2


handful of fresh mint leaves, washed
juice of 1 lime
Sugar (to taste)
cold water - 2 glasses


Combine all ingredients in a blender and give it a good whisk for 2 minutes. Drain the juice in a strainer and serve cold

I want to thank each and every friend, blogger & well-wisher for supporting me and encouraging me everyday with your sweet comments. You have no idea how much they mean to me and how elated I feel when I see your them. You have truly motivated me to post better. Thank You all for your support and I wish to post more creative recipes that would fancy you. 



  1. looks refreshing and cool.. you can also try adding soda to it.

  2. Colourful tempting drink....Nice clicks...

  3. Hey congrats!....this drink is soooo the way you have arranged the lemon and the mint...real restaurant look...

  4. Its a prefect healthy drink!

  5. congrats on your milestone dear.. wish you many more :) this is my fav drink..

  6. Congrats dear . wish u more

  7. Congrats dear, Perfect cooler for this summer......Love the mint flavor

  8. Congrats Priya on your 50th post. Lovely and healthy drink.

  9. A hearty congratulation Priya on your 50th post. This is a perfect refresher for hot days. Me too made on the same way but adding soda in it. Excellent style of presentation dear.

  10. Congrats dear,keep rocking
    love anything with mint,refreshing drink and awesome clicks Priya.

  11. love the vibrant color...I have a similar one on my blog - but my color is not this bright!!!


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