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Looking for a quick breakfast for the weekend? ~ Try these Eggless oats & blueberry pancake

When it comes to weekend and a Saturday morning, we are 2 lazy marrieds who sleep late and wake late :D and the morning breakfast is something that must be quick and light. This is a recipe I came up with in my kitchen and it turned out good. I eyeballed the ingredients so the suggestions below are approximate. The usual pancake recipes are mostly using eggs, so I went for a vegan version incorporating oats, brown sugar and 0%fat milk for a healthier filling up. 

When it comes to pancakes I am reminded of ihop (USA) they have a variety of dishes made out of pancakes and its my favorite place to be when it comes to pancakes. 

You could easily mix and match ingredients as long as you add baking soda & powder, milk/buttermilk and flour -white/brown to the batter.

Recipe Source ~ Own
Cook &Prep time ~ 10 mins
Serves ~ 2


Flour -white/whole wheat - 1/4 cup
Instant oats - 1/4 cup (powdered)
Milk - 1/4 - 1/2 cup
Baking powder - 1/2 tsp
Baking soda  - 1/2 tsp
Brown sugar/ honey - 1 tbsp
Blueberry - a handful (optional)

  • Powder the oats in a mixie/ food processor and to this add all the other ingredients except the fruit and make it into a smooth batter. Make sure you taste little to check sugar level
  • Heat a skillet/ tawa once hot pour the batter little and let it gradually spread on its own, add the blueberries on top and once you see bubbles on top, flip it on the other side
Serve hot with topped blueberries/ honey/maple syrup


- You could try variations by adding little cocoa powder to make chocolate pancakes


  1. Healthy wholesome breakfast. Nice presentation.

  2. Looks awesome! Lovely clicks.

  3. good recipe and new to me. good clicks Priya!

  4. Lovely presentation,yum and colorful,tempting breakfast

  5. That is a hearty breakfast

  6. Super fluffy pancakes suits terribly awesome for a lazy sunday brunch,healthy breakfast definitely.

  7. I Like the addition of oats..makes it more healthier..colourful clicks..

  8. Nice and healthy one priya.., looks delicious dear

  9. Delicious Healthy breakfast option love it.

  10. That's a great meal to start your day!

  11. This is perfect! Look at the strawberry and blueberry pictures, iwant to bite in! I forgot to get pancake mix from the stores and my son lurrrrrrrrves pancakes / waffles , I'll just use this recipe and he will be one happy kid :)

    1. Thanks Manasi :-) I am sure your kid would love this... let me know what he had to say... will love to hear from you


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