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Strawberry Milkshake Recipe | Easy Strawberry Drink Recipe

Strawberry drink recipe
Strawberry Milkshake Recipe
Can there be someone who does not love Strawberries??? I am no exception I love strawberries and for that matter any fruit. You can call me fruit-a-holic and it would be just perfect ;-). To the contrary my husband is not someone who loves fruits and it would be the last thing be would eat. So I made this delicious Strawberry milkshake and he just gulped it all without any fuss. Talking about Strawberry the one person who comes to my mind is +Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj (who blogs at vijisvirunthu) she is an absolute Strawberry crazy girl. So when a group of friends planned to do a virtual treat for her I jumped in with the idea of making a recipe using her favorite fruit and sorry Viji about the delay in sharing your virtual treat. I hope you had a wonderful birthday :-), here's my simple treat for you.

Easy Strawberry Recipe


Recipe Source - here

Serves - 2 medium glasses
Prep time - 5-6 mins


Fresh & sweet strawberries - 10-12 nos washed and chopped

Milk - 1 cup (chilled)
Vanilla ice cream - 1 scoop
Strawberry/ mixed fruit jam - 1 tbsp
Sugar - 2 tsp (optional)


1. Wash and cut strawberries (remove leaves) and add to a blender. Add milk, vanilla icecream, jam and blend for 30-40  seconds until well blended

2. Serve in glasses and top with cut strawberries and enjoy

Strawberry milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake

Cooks Wisdom

Tip 1 

Use fresh and sweet strawberries and blend in cold milk, preferably with ice cream to avoid curdling effect. 

Tip 2

If you have sour strawberries its better to use them up for other recipes instead of a milk based drink. You can make strawberry salsa

Tip 3

If you don't have ice cream use cream and add more sugar for sweetness. 

Tip 4

Adding stawberry/ fruit jam gives a more pink colour to the drink


  1. Looks perfect & love the color.

  2. Thats pretty good ! Yes she is crazy about strawberry i have seen this in her writing. CAll it milkshake i will hold ur hand and say yes.

  3. Me & my kids favorite drink...even i clicked this milkshake the similar way your presented, that too with similar looking glasses ;) great minds think alike ;)
    love the rich pink color...perfect treat for viji :)

  4. Looks very yummmmmm.. Nice clicks too.

  5. Beautiful clicks... this is one of my favorite shake, looks very yummy..

  6. Yummy ...Love ur clicks too :)

  7. yummy shake pri and my favorite too

  8. delicious milkshake! :) clicks r too good!

  9. omg... superb click and very tempting shake dear...Thanks and love much for the special pink treat...:) Its my royal treat dear :) Thanks bunch for the lovely treat dear... :) <3 Yes very much crazy on those pink berries..;)

  10. love the color of strawberry shake.looks yumm..


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