Pomegranate Milkshake Recipe | Pomegranate Juice Recipe

After all the cakes & bakes at home I am in no mood to eat anything sweet, so my breakfasts now are mostly drinks or fruits. I don't call this a diet but still I am just playing it safe :P. Usually I love to enjoy fruits as they are but I do love to have drinks/ smoothies that make its super simple yet delicious. So the other day I tried this pomegranate milkshake and it was super yum. If you have picky eaters at home and ones that will not eat pomegranate this is a great way to add this fruit to their diet.

We all know that Pomegranates are known as a blood purifier, they are best source of antioxidants and also aid in increasing immunity. Not only that they have the ability to reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and even in suppressing depression to a great extent. I must say that there is so much magic to colored fruits and vegetables that they are so good for our health. And me being a fruit lover, pomegranate comes handy ;-) although I must agree the job of seeding the pomegranate is sure some work but eventually I am sure we all do it right?


Source ~ Own
Serves ~ 2 tall glasses
Prep time ~ 10 mins


Pomegrate seeds - 3 cups
Milk - 1 cup
Sugar - if required

  • Deseed the pomegranate and set aside. Add them to a blender and make a smooth paste, strain the seeds and excess pulp and discard.
  • Now add the thick pulp with the milk and sugar if using and blend well.
Serve in tall glasses and enjoy

Cooks Wisdom

- For a vegan option use soy milk
- Adding sugar is totally optional I skipped it. 
- You can also add your preferred nuts to add more nutty flavor


  1. If somebody seeds the pomegranate, I'm in 4 this! ;)

  2. Never tried this priya. looks yum yum dear

  3. Lovely colour...Looks so yum...

  4. I'm in for this healthy milkshake da :)

  5. milkshake looks yummmm and love the pink color :)

  6. ha ha i love rafees comment...ah i will never forget the way i was forced to eat pom during my pregnancy. nothing increases our blood hemoglobin like this fruit does with dates...wonderful drink dear

  7. looks good. very refreshing drink

  8. Yummmm... I love all kinds of juices.. My kiddos love the fruit as is too.. Pom juice is one of their fav. Though I hate the part of straining it..

  9. Delicious and lovely looking shake. Pics simply look inviting.

  10. Healthy and delicious, love the color..

  11. Healthy drink, looks very pleasant and inviting..Can have it anytime.

  12. Never had this one before. Looks good Priya!

  13. Super healthy and delicious milkshake, love pomegranate... lovely dear...

  14. Super healthy and pinky shake... am ready to drink ;)

  15. wherever i go, i usually prefer for this healthy milk shake, delicious n superb clicks dear...

  16. Pomegranate milkshake looks yumm.

  17. Wow this looks so refreshing and I love your presentation style. I absolutely love pomegranate milkshake, but dnt really get the time to make it from scratch. I buy KDD harvest’s pomegranate juice and store it in my fridge. I think pomegranate is the best for the summers. It instantly cools the body and tastes great.. Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe. I will try and make this recipe on one of the weekends.

  18. This is a perfect combination for good health.Both milk and pomegranate have various health benefits and vitamins that are essential to be healthy.


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