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Chocolate Rice Kheer | Chocolate Pudding | Chocolate based Indian dessert

Chocolate Kheer, who can think of such a combo right? well I know this one person who can stir any recipe within minutes and come up with unusual combinations yet make the dish super appetizing. She is a lovely friend, sister, blogger, mother and someone who still surprises me with her down to earth nature and be the most approachable person on earth. She is beautiful inside out and carries a bright smile, I had the chance to meet her in person and spend time with her, that I know many would wish for. To me she is an amazing cook, bestest friend and an elder sister I never had. We've had many long endless conversations and I have always been the one holding the phone listing, wondering how to frame the words and to the contrary she would be this endless pom pom ball talking endlessly ;-). I must thank blogging world for adding some awesome people into my life who are so special and dear to me. I know you must have guessed who I am talking about its my aks Priya Suresh  :-). Priya aks you sure are one big gift to me. Aks I have always admired your energy, friendliness, blogging passion and your approach to life itself. Love you for who you are... 

Why chocolate kheer? and all the rambling? well its her birthday today and we a bunch of bloggies wanted to do a virtual birthday treat for her. This time around we wanted to do recipes of different colors and cook something that is her own recipe. So I chose Chocolate as my choice of color and there is a reason behind it cos its Priya aks favorite, I must tell you all this she is so crazy about chocolates that she came from Paris to London and the one thing she wanted to buy was Dairy Milk to take back with her to Paris. That chocoholic, chocolaty and chokywookey doo daa :P ! So you see I made her Chocolate Kheer and clicked pictures with a pink background cos she is a pink fetish personality. Priya aks I hope you are having a ball reading this post.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, charming and 
ever loving sweet Priya Aks. 
Wishing you blissful years with fond memories to keep you smiling always :-)

Chocolate Rice Kheer is a sweet dessert prepared the traditional way with a twist of using chocolate. Its a rich creamy dessert that is luscious with the rich tasting chocolate and basmathi rice, almost doing magic to your tastebuds. The cardamom powder is very light in taste and the chocolate has an over powering taste to the recipe. You can alternately use cocoa powder by diluting it in 2 tbsp of warm milk and adding it along with the condensed milk. You can do the same recipe using white chocolate too ;-) the options and choices are almost endless.


Recipe Source ~ here
Serves ~ 4 generously
Cook & Prep time ~ 20 mins
Serving suggestion ~ topped with nuts served warm/chilled


Basmathi Rice - 1/4 cup
Water - 1 cup
Milk - 2 cup (any fat %)
Condensed milk - 1/2 cup
Chocolate chunks - 100 gms chopped
Cardamom powder - 2 tsp
Nuts -  to garnish (optional)

  • Pressure cook the basmathi rice along with water and milk for 4-5 whistles. Once the steam settles, mash the cooked rice with an wooden ladle.
  • On the stove and keep in medium. Add the condensed milk, chopped chocolate and cardamom powder, cook until the kheer thickens

Garnish with chopped nuts and serve warm/ cold

Cooks Wisdom

- No need to per soak basmathi rice but if you do then reduce the no of whistle
- You can add any kind of nuts of your choice
- I used unsweetened dark chocolate so added 1/2 cup sugar if you using sweetened variety reduce the amount of sugar
- For Diabetic you can use fructose/ sugarfree
- The kheer tends to thicken as it cools down, you can add milk to lighten it

Here is a collage of all the recipes done by our lil group of friends :-) +Divya Pramil +Divya Prakash+Sangeetha M , +Sangeetha Priya+Preeti Tamilarasan+Manjula Bharath +Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj+nalini suresh , Shama Nagarajan and Pradeeka 

Our Award for Priya Suresh Aks, we feel honored at the same time humbled to give you an award aks. we truly believe that this award is something you truly deserve and it sure will be something unique.


  1. thats an delicious and yummy yummy kheer :) looks so delish with chocolaty gudness in it :) yes priya aks crazy abt chocolate surely gonna love this :)even i getting tempted looking the clicks Priya :) love the cute small teapot with teddy looks like aks holding piping bag and all set to bake :P hehehe .. awesome post Priya :) Happy B'day to Priya aks :)

  2. i like each and every props of urs dear :) teddy bear is so cute.. priya akka rombo mosam innum online varula..

  3. This is such a sweet guesture on all your part.. Priya wish u a very happy birthday & you are blessed with such lovely friends :)

  4. Mudiyala Sis yennala, round katti adikuringa..Unga shocking virtual partyaa paathutu naan gaathi kalangi poy irruken, never thought u guys will give this kind of shocking surprise, i feel soooooo special and blessed to get u all..You guys have planned very well and executed prefectly,yennaku oru hint kuda ozhunga kodukala..Never lived this kind of shocking surprises.. Antha bowl kheer with pink bg, makes me more happy, yenna ivalo purinchi vachi irrukiye Sis, i should say u r special gift for me..Love u all dears..

  5. nice write up, perfect pudding for chocolate lovers :-)

  6. wow super akka and love the way u presented the kheer.really the ward looks awesome.may join your club for celebration?

  7. the candle cup

  8. Rich chocolaty kheer...perfect for Priya akka's bday

  9. So sweet and such lovely words about Priya akka!! Lovely kheer must have been yummilicious wish we could have treated her with these in person.. But still nice virtual treat akka :) Cute pinky clicks :)

  10. Yummy one, makes me drool !! Cute treat for akks :)


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