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Pink Guava Lassi | Guava fruit drink | Summer Drinks

Pink Guava are in abundance right now, so I wanted to make sure that I make good use of them, so the other day I tried to make a sweet lassi using pink guava and it was delicious. Right from childhood I have had this fond affection towards Guava fruit, the ripe kind. Amma keeps saying that when ever she wanted to keep me busy she would give me a ripe guava fruit and I would keep mushing over it for about an hour ;-). Now you know how much I love this fruit. Back then I had this fond liking towards the white variety of guava (green apple guava) but off late I have fallen in love for these pink beauties. If you have been following my lil blog you would know that I am a big lassi fan ;-), this time around I wanted to try a lassi using guava fruit. To my surprise it was absolutely yum and stayed fresh even after 1 day.

Guava is a tropical fruit that is rich in nutrition. The are low in calories, rich in dietary fibers, high in vitamin C and rich in potassium compared to bananas. Guavas also helps in weight loss and digestion, so I tried to combine it along with curd to make a great tasting lassi. Give it a try and I am sure you will keep making it again and again.


Recipe Source ~ Own
Serves~ 4 
Prep time ~ 20 mins


Pink Guava - 5 nos, washed & quartered
Curd - 1 & 1/2 cup ( I used lowfat)
Water - 1 cup
Sugar - as required (optional)

  • In a saucepan heat 2 cups water and when it comes to a boil, add the quartered guava pieces and let it cook for 5-6 minutes until soft. Switch off discard the water and set aside to come to room temperature
  • Add the cooked guava, curd, water and sugar in batches, puree them to smooth.
  • Using a strainer strain to remove the seeds
Serve chilled/ immediately

Cooks Wisdom

- Cooking guava helps the drink to stay fresh for long
- I added more guava for the pink color to remain
- You can add half glass milk too for this recipe

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  1. one of fav fruit akka and this sounds healthy .lovely pink background

  2. I know you are enjoying after going back to I India, by cooking all my favourite dishes, but I'm really feeling J on you.. I want to come back :)
    This juice is my the most favourite....

  3. Love guavas...lassi using them sounds the color

  4. this is too good.. i love pink guavas more than the yellow ones, and love the idea of cooking them to soften... would try when i get my hands on them... :)

  5. Healthy and refreshing drink Priya.

  6. Priya, this looks refreshing and the pics make me want to reach for that glass.

  7. Very refreshing and healthy lassi Priya... nice color...

  8. Looks so tempting, lovely pink color. Yummy lassi!

  9. refreshing.. it has been while since I had pink guva.. Missing it terribly. this post created craving for me :-)

  10. this post made me nostalgic. its been ages i have seen these pink guavas. lovely lassi you made out of it. between the header is as pretty and classy as the blog owner.

  11. Am missing this pink guavas,been ages i had them..Lassi makes me thirsty..

  12. Lassi with guava is a nice idea da.. it has got beautiful color and looks super yummy..In India, we have pink guava tree in our Backyard..But after coming here, havent had this type of guava at all.

  13. So different a lassi with guava ...color looks beautiful ...

  14. Beautiful colour. I love the fruit. So I guess I would just eat it. But my daughter loves the juice. I should make this for her sometime

  15. Lovely idea dear! Like pink guava, its been ages i had this delicious guava...lassi looks so creamy n delicious...


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