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Chocolate Snowball Cookies Recipe | Eggless Snowball Cookies | Christmas Snowball Cookies

Christmas means many things to many but for me the whole reason and season for Christmas in Jesus himself. Although I was born in a Christian home and had all the access to anything gospel, my knowledge and acceptance of Jesus as my Lord is something I consider personal choice. You know what I mean no one forced me into anything. Each of us have our own faith and we learn as we grow. I am a strong believer of God and that inevitably shows. I do accept people for who they are and not for what they believe, you see faith is totally a sensitive topic to anybody. Today not like other days I just want to share with you something that touched me years ago when I was young and in a fragile state of mind. I was out in one of my uncle's place and I was sunk in my own thoughts as to why something that I expected never really happened. And I had a series of things that happened just exactly what I feared. Hmmm and that moment when I was trying to divert my mind and attention to almost anything or anyone I read this line in a book that caught my eye, it read like this " God does not give us what we want but what we need" I was blown away. Really it spoke so much to me that my whole perspective as to why and what and how turned to there could be a reason why this happened. Only someone who has a relationship with God really understand what those lines meant. And ever since I have this phrase reverberating in me when things don't turn out the way it should. May be that is something that you must also think about. Be blessed!

Eggless Chocolate Snowball Cookies were my recent attempt to try a twist to the traditional snowball cookies/ mexican wedding cakes that are famous during the Christmas season. Their unique shape, snow capped appearance and melt in mouth texture is sure to please anyone who has a sweet tooth. So if you are a chocolate lover or a chocoholic like me this is something you must definitely try a total fool proof recipe that is sure to steal anyone's heart. My non chocoholic husband seemed to love it too ;-)


Recipe Source - Own

Makes - 12-14 small- medium cookies
Prep time - 8 mins
Chill time - 1 hour
Bake time - 9-12 mins (subject to oven)
Storage - at room temperature for upto -2 weeks


Butter (at room temperature) - 1/2 cup

Maida/ All purpose flour - 1 cup
Unsweetened cocoa powder - 3 tbsp
Granulated sugar - 1/4 cup (before powdering)+3 tbsp for dusting
Vanilla extract - 1 tsp


1. In a bowl combine the flour and cocoa powder, using a hand whisk combine until well mixed

2. In a large bowl with a hand whisk cream the butter, add the powdered sugar and mix for 2 minutes until well combined. Add the Vanilla extract and mix until well combined
3. Slowly add the cocoa+flour mixture little by little until well combined. The mixture will be sticky. Cover with cling wrap and keep in refrigerator for minimum an hour or overnight to firm up
4. Just before baking, remove the dough from the refrigerator, pre-heat oven to 300F/ 150C for ten minutes, line a baking tray with parchment paper/ butter paper.
5. Roll the dough into bite sized balls around a tablespoon size and place on the baking tray. Repeat the process for all the remaining dough
6. Bake in centre of oven for around 9-12 minutes (Adjust according to your oven temperature), until the outside of the cookies turn firm and not cracked. Remove from oven and place on a cooling rack to cool down completely. 
7. Don't be in a hurry to move them as they can break, once completely cooled down roll them on the powdered sugar and place on a serving platter or store in an air-tight container

Cooks Wisdom

Tip 1

Chilling the dough is necessary it helps in making the dough manageable. If the chilled dough is too hard let it sit in room temperature for 2-3 minutes.

Tip 2 

I have not used any nuts in these cookies, since I wanted to enjoy them plain, you can go ahead and add chopped nuts

Tip 3

Make sure the cookies are fully cooled before rolling them in powdered/ icing sugar else the cookies will turn sticky

Tip 4

You can use melted chocolate too in this recipe

Tip 5

These cookies do not spread, but flatten a little while baking and they do not require baking powder/ baking soda

Tip 6

The cookie dough might be less sweet, as more sweetness comes from the coated sugar. They are perfect in sweetness in my opinion. They are firm on outside with a crumbly melt in mouth texture.


  1. Ooooh very pretty pics Pri :) And I enjoyed reading your lil experience with God. I have a similar line which makes me keep going.. “God won't put you to it if he can't get you through it” :)

    1. Thanks Nan :) that's another favourite of mine :) beautiful isn't it how God speaks to us

  2. // " God does not give us what we want but what we need" // .How true the word is.Thxs for sharing Priya..
    B/w Loved ur 2 nd Click..Super melting cookies!!

  3. Wow! dear great clicks it looks gorgeous...well said priya...

  4. wow the cookies looks super tempting doll.. surely am gonna make this.. thanks for linking to our sys-w series. I really love ur exp. of ur childhood doll.. I too love the god's speaks... :)

  5. It is very true that "god does not give us what we want but what we need" i'm also a strong believer of god and I always respect for what ever I have got in my life and belive that what ever god does it is good for me only..
    The cookies looks so pretty...

  6. that is one delicous tempting treat

  7. wow..these choco snowballs sounds super delicious and looks cute and lovely dear...back to back rocking post Priya, liked your presentation...nice :)

  8. Love the pics Priya,tempting cookies

  9. The first picture looks so cool with everything in white love the light too.In the second one comes a sugar rain some moving and some not that is such a brilliant idea Priya.
    Let it snow let snow....:) yumm cookies own recipe ! way to go dear.

  10. These look wonderful!
    And the photos are really good.

  11. wow so tempting and delicious snowball cookies :) and awesome clicks dear !! your clicks are too gud priya no one will believe it came out from a P&S :)

  12. Lovely phrase aks.mee too experienced more like this.lively cookies.gonna try this today

  13. Snowball cookies looks superb and delicious. Perfect Christmas bake.

  14. looks good , tempting...

  15. Cookies look so yum... Loved reading abt ur experience...


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