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FabFurnish Website Review

I am this person who loves to browse through online shopping sites be it clothes, handbag, perfume, gifts and props. After I turned into a Food blogger the prop browsing became the ultimate search. I came across FabFurnish through facebook and boy, it was like being a kid in a candy store. I wanted all that I saw from props, kitchen accessories, cookware and furniture. Honest to myself I must say that once I step into their website I never know how time flies. I know living in India we have tons of variety in kitchenware but tell me who has the time to go hunting for them? For some location is an issue and others travelling. Living in a fast paced life we all look for food on the go, instant caffeine, quick shopping, all we want is to tick that to-do list and move on. For people like us online shopping is the answer. 

I must admit that there are tons of websites these days luring customers with offers, discount coupons, cash back and even free delivery. But how do you know that the company you ordered from is genuine and if there is an issue will they do all it takes to get your problem resolved? Most times we least think about the latter and get lured with the frills that come our way. I genuinely believe that I cannot promote a site without having a first hand experience with them right? So when Fab asked me to review them I did put them to the test. Ordered a couple of products and kept waiting for them to do this post. I must say they worked like a charm and I got what I saw. You bet I was like a kid opening up the Christmas gifts parcel :P. The blog side of me made me to order some props ;-) which I will style and post in the coming days, so keep watching this space to know what I got ;-)






Being a website host I can say that like their Brand name FabFurnish does have a great website. Very user friendly, navigation to the various collection is mind-blowing and well categorised. 

Even the filters work like a charm. They have made it so easy for navigation from one page to another, this makes a person really have the chance to view their lovely collection. 

Some features that I really found helpful are the quick view, 2-3 pictures for a product, captivating styling of goods, recently viewed list and so on. 

They have also a detailed description of the product on the material used, product care, warranty and so on

Kitchen & Dining Section - 

This for instance has many sub categories ranging from

Bar & Drinkware
Coffee & Tea, Kitchen Tools
Kitchen Accessories
Kitchen Storage
Table Lenin
Cooktops & burners
Cleaning & Household


1.All India delivery
2.Part payment & cash on delivery options (for a minimal fee) 
to the usual debit/credit card payments
3.Shipping charges vary from 100-500 
for goods worth <2500-10000
4. Delivery within 3-5 working day or 
on the fag end within 15 days of purchase

Have a fab day & a fab time with FABFURNISH :-)

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***Note - All credits to product photographs to original source
To see what I got from FabFurnish, do follow my upcoming posts :-)


  1. Good review dear... Surey, u r 100% right... dont know how time flies when we are in the tempting of props... lovely and very clear details of review... Keep rocks...

  2. Even I love this store, I haven't ordered anything online yet, but we got our recliner sofa, from the shop in Bangalore..

  3. nice review da :) waiting to see what u ordered :)

  4. its a different post..waiting to see what u ordered

  5. Hi,
    I did online shopping and feel it's convenient, will browse it now...bye.

    Love & Hugs!

  6. This is sure luring the blogger in me :) so many props to choose from ...

  7. Wow...the collections looks lovely, waiting for your post to see what u got it ;) sure you got nice n beautiful collections like you :)

  8. lovely review priya.............. thanks for introducing :)

  9. lovely review priya - thanks for introducing - its a great place to browse n buy :)

  10. nice review da...i too visit them very often

  11. Awesome site.. Nice review Priya.. Will try purchasing some bakeware from them :-)


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