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Andhra Pesaruttu Dosa | Green Moong Dal Dosa Recipe | Andhra Breakfast Recipe

Andhra Pesaruttu Dosa is a famous breakfast special from the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is healthy, filling and a quick to do dosa that does not require fermenting of dosa batter. I make this quite often and its always a big welcome recipe with my family. I love to spice it up with onions and green chilli and the perfect combo would be coconut chutney. Usually in tiffen centres in Andra I have heard they they serve it with rawa upma as a stuffing inside but I have personally never tried it. You can mix and match ingredients to suit your tastebuds.

Pesaruttu Dosa is green in colour and made using green moong dal/ pachapayaru, raw rice, onions and green chilli. Its very filling and soft in texture, usually a little thick compared to paper dosas or the usual dosa varieties. A loose batter will result in a crisp outer and a soft and spongy inside. Don't mind to drizzle with some oil while making this dosa for added taste.


Recipe Source ~ Own
Prep time ~ under 25 mins
Makes ~ close to 10-12 dosas
Serving suggestion ~ along with coconut chutney or peanut chutney


To Soak & grind

Green Moong Dal/ Pachai Payarru - 1/2 cup
Raw Rice/ Ponni Rice - 1 Cup

To Grind to paste

Green chilli - 7-8 nos
Small onions - 10-12 nos (you can replace with 1 big onion)
Garlic - 3 pods
Ginger - few pieces
Coriander/ mint leaves - 15 leaves
Salt - to taste

  • Wash several times and soak the green moong and rice together in warm water for atleast an hour. 
  • Drain and save the excess water, using a wet grinder/ mixer grind until a smooth batter forms by adding the saved water little by litter the consistency can be medium thick to that of dosa batter.
  • Collect batter in a vessel and grind the ingredients under to grind - green chilli, garlic, ginger, coriander/ mint leaves to a smooth paste with little water 
  • Mix the paste to the batter, salt and add more water to form a dosa batter consistency. Let it sit for at-least an hour for the flavours to mingle
  • Now to prepare dosa heat a non stick tawa and once it is hot. Take scoop of batter using a ladle and form a dosa in circular motions. Drizzle oil and flip side after 1-2 minutes and cook on the other side too.
  • This dosa takes a while to cook so don't be in a hurry, give it some time and make sure the tawa is in medium- low flame so that the dosa does not get burnt fast
Serve hot with your favourite chutney

Cooks Wisdom

- It is important for the dal and rice to soak for atleast an hour in warm water. Do not be in a hurry else it would result in a course batter than a smooth one
- If the dosa batter is thin you will get crisp outer and soft inner dosas
- I have spiced it according to my taste you can reduce the amount of chilli or ginger/garlic according to your preference.
- Also once you grind the batter let it sit in counter top for atleast an hour for the flavors to mingle, I have noticed that if I make dosas in a hurry they do not brown that well and also the dosas are hard to flip and stick to the skillet.
- You can save the remaining batter in the refrigerator to be used the next day
This dosa takes a while to cook so don't be in a hurry, give it some time and make sure the tawa is in medium- low flame so that the dosa does not get burnt fast


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