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Eggless Vanilla Icecream Recipe without Icecream Maker | Best Vanilla Icecream Recipe

Eggless Vanilla Icecream Recipe
Eggless Vanilla Icecream Recipe
Eggless Vanilla Ice cream is so easy to make at home. It calls only for 3 ingredients and a 10 minute process, let the ice cream set overnight or for 4 hours and you are good to go. Make this delicious icecream for your weekend dessert. You can even do this icecream recipe along with your kids, let them also have fun making such a simple dessert. You can add any kind of fruit puree to this recipe to make it into a fruit icecream like starwberry, mango, lychee, papaya, chikku and so on. This vanilla icecream does not call for a icecream maker or churning method. Its quick, simple and easy and the results are simple melt in mouth, creamy and soft just like how you get in a good icecream parlor or a store bought icecream tub but even better. Store bought icecream these days have loads of preservatives, chemicals and artificial flavors. When you make icecream at home you can use organic and natural ingredients that your family loves and enjoy. Although I love eating icecreams and kulfi, I do not make them that often at home. You can check out my kesar kulfi recipe which is another personal favorite :-) 

Eggless Vanilla Icecream Recipe without Icecream Maker
Eggless Vanilla Icecream Recipe without Icecream Maker


Image      Eggless Vanilla Ice cream is a simple & quick method of 
      making ice cream with simple 3 ingredients. No churn 
      method and no need for a ice cream maker, a simple hand 
      blender is more than enough. 

     Author : Priya Ranjit

     Prep Method : 10 mins
     Setting Time : minimum 4 hrs - overnight
     Makes : 28 oz or 3.5 cup
     Serves : 5-6 generously


     Heavy whipping cream - 2 cups

     Condensed milk 400 gms - 3/4 tin 
     Vanilla extract natural - 2 tsp

      1. Chill the whisk attachments and the mixing bowl in the freezer for 15 minutes. 

      make sure the whipping cream is chilled overnight.
      2. In the bowl add in the heavy cream and whisk on medium speed for 3-4 minutes 
      until the cream is thick and then becomes stiff peaks. 
      3. Gently fold in the condensed milk to the whipped cream with a spatula and add 
      the vanilla. (add the fruit puree now if using)
      4. Pour the icecream batter into a 1 ltr freezer safe bowl or a loaf pan and over 
      with a lid or cling film and let it sit in a cold freezer for minimum 4 hours or 
      overnight. The setting all depends on the weather and how good our freezer is. 
      Mine set really well by 4 hours. 
      5. Remove the tub from the freezer and using a ice cream scoop serve the icecream 
      and enjoy. Use toppings as per your preference.

      Cooks Wisdom

      Tip 1
  1. Make sure that the heavy cream, the mixing bowl and whisk are well chilled before beating the heavy cream. I used organic cream, natural vanilla extract.     
      Tip 2

      2. You can make different favored icecream using this recipe as base. Like 
      strawberry, chocolate (melted & cooled), mango. Also add toppings like caramel, 
      nuts, tutti frutti, chocolate chips, waffers, gems.

      Tip 3

      3. Despite adding only 3/4'th of the condensed milk, I did find the icecream to be 
      on the sweeter side, you can reduce may be 1-2 tbsp of the condensed milk. Also 
      remember that when the icecream is chilled it will be even sweeter, so go by your 
      taste preference. 




  1. Vanilla is my favourite flavour in Ice cream. This ice cream looks so creamy and delicious.. Love such easy to make recipes.. :)

  2. Akshay's favorite flavor, he always prefer vanilla than any other flavor, even i wanted to try homemade version for lomg time, now you are tempting me...homemade vanilla ice cream looks so creamy and tempting :)

  3. Looks yum.. So easy to make.. I have made a similar one but coffee flavour. Had turned out good too.. Lovely clicks :)

  4. Love it . My all time favorite icecream

  5. Even i have sore throat i dont bother ti have few scoops of thus luscious ice cream.

  6. Creamy and delicious..


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