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Energy Smoothie ~ Goodbye to Olympics (check out Oylmpics pictures)

The big Olympic fever is fading away and so is the lovely summer weather. This is a post dedicated to every person who fought hard and who fought well for their country. 

Today I want to share a simple energy smoothie that is great for breakfast and for a busy day. A simple fruit blend drink that is packed with vitamins+energy+anti-oxidants that can be made quickly. I found fresh blackberries and medium ripe bananas to make this beautiful blend, I totally loved the color and it tasted great. Honestly this drink is a great fill up and kept me full until lunch.

Makes ~ 2 tall glasses
Prep time ~ 2 mins


2 ripe bananas 
10 fresh blackberries
1.5 glass milk (i used 2%)
Sugar / honey (As per taste)


Blend all ingredients in a mixie/ blender and strain. Serve immediately 
A few days back we had been to a Paralympic event in London and it was amazing to see so many physically challenged athletes with great will power and sure determination participating on behalf of their countries and winning laurels. Its been an amazing expeirence to be part of their journey and wish all of you enjoy this post and much as I did.

The crowd doing the Mexican wave


  1. nice color and yummy milkshake..

  2. woww..yummy..and u live in london priya?

  3. Wow looks so refreshing

  4. Beautiful energy drink priya. I used to make this combo. Nice clicks of para Olympics.

  5. Delicious Healthy Drink....Nice pictures of olympics...

  6. Such an interesting energy smoothie, the colour itself very attractive.. Enjoyed thoroughly this paraolympic events through TV.

  7. Nice color and nice presentation priya

  8. Yummmy smoothie... Even i have a similar glass of cococola with Olympics Symbol ... many many happy returns of the day to ur Hubby!!!Convey our wishes!!

  9. Thanks for sharing the pics. smoothie looks delicious and healthy

  10. Awesome pictures. I love berry blends. lovely recipe.


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