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Dates Balls ~ A guest post by Reshmi

Today is a special day for Cook like Priya, this is the first guest post by my dear friend Reshmi Mahesh. A week back I happen to ask Reshmi to do a guest post to feed my blog as I would be busy with a house change and she immediately said yes and I was very excited. 

I really admire Reshmi's simplicity, artistic photography and her easy to cook dishes. Would like you all to visit Reshmi's blog  FunWidFud She is also an amazing baker.
As you all know that my blog is just 2 months old and from day one my obsessions over the blog has been a bit too much but having some personal commitments makes us put our passions for blogging and cooking on the backside. I am thankful to Reshmi to come to the rescue of my blog and I have promised her to try out this wonderful recipe using my favorite ingredients Almonds & Dates

I hope you all love the post and please drop in your valuable comments below. Do take time to visit Reshmi's blog. I promise to get back blogging once I settle down. 
Thank you all !

Following to her Recipe ~ 

Dates Ball

Dates ball are healthy and delicious preparation for all sweet lovers..I have used almonds and dates as major ingredients..
Dates-1/2 cup(pitted)
Raisins-1/4 cup
Almond meal-1/2 cup
Cashew-2 tbsp(crushed to bits)
Desiccated coconut-little
Nutella-1 tbsp
Method of Preparation:

1. Grind half cup almonds in a food processor till it is powdered. Take care that you dont grind it too much such that it starts releasing oil.Keep aside
2. Grind dates,raisins,nutella to a medium smooth mixture.Blender will have a slight tough time doing this.
3. Once almost smooth add the almond meal and pulse it well.
4. Transfer it to a bowl, add cashews and mix well.
5. Grease your hands with coconut oil and take little of dates mixture and form balls.
6. Roll them in desiccated coconut and enjoy. 

1. Since almond meal is used it has smell of almonds.
2. Addition of nutella is up to your wish.
3. Use any nuts or dry fruits.
4. Honey can be added instead of nutella.
5. Grease the mixer before grinding dates..helps in cleaning up as dates stick to the sides.


  1. Healthy way to feed kids with dates... nice clicks as usual

    1. thanks Vimitha, you are right dear :)

  2. delicious dates balla looks great

  3. Thanks for the lovely words and the opportunity to guest post...

    1. Thank you dear for being such a sport and making this beautiful recipe. Hats off to your photography, eye catching, simple yet stylish. I am happy to give you the first guest post.

  4. Healthy delicious recipe....

  5. Beautiful posts girls, both Reshmi and Priya. Love these energy balls.

  6. Never tried using Nutella for these balls, looks delicious. Thanks for sharing Reshmi and Priya!

    1. Yea you are right Swasthi, i have seen similar recipes using condensed milk. thanks dear :)

  7. Nice presentation Rashmi and very nice clicks. Lipsmucking dates ball. Thanks priya, excellent write up dear.

  8. Even I love Reshmi's simple and striking clicks!!Just like this one..Awesome work !
    Lovely guest post

  9. yummy nnhealthy dates balls.....

  10. Kids will love this,delicious and healthy treat,great guest post,congrats to both Reshmi and Priya

  11. Congrats on the first guest post.. Yummy and delicious dates balls. Lovely recipe by Reshmi.. Take care and get back to blogging soon.. ;)

    1. Thanks Divya... back to blogging dear ;-)

  12. Hello Priya.. Wandering first time in your space.. Nice little Blog you have created with nice descriptive recipes and neat pictures.

    Glad to follow you , looking forward for more such posts from you :)


    1. Thank u Nupur :) so happy to see your comments


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