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Simple Cherry smoothie ~ & a secret

Today I had a long day of blogging, shopping, eating & clicking :-), so I am super happy. I've been busy planning for a Birthday (RK) secretly ;-) which is in September, so have been going around places and today I found a fresh food market (these are quite common in London), you would get some good picks and variety of fruits. 

As you all know I am a big fruit lover and hence picked up these lovely cherries which looked absolutely gorgeous. On the contrary RK, in his dictionary the only fruits that exist are grapes and apple, he would not even touch the other fruits. So you know me being the good wife know how to make some fruit go gown his throat ;-) i made this smoothie for him in the evening. Tell you what he actually liked it. 

Serves ~ 2


Fresh red cherries - 10-12 cleaned & de-seeded
Cold Milk - 1/4 cup (fully skimmed- optional)
Sugar - as per taste, adjust based on fruit sweetness


Clean the fruits in fresh water, cut them and de-seed them (prepare to get your finger stained) put in a blender and blend them with sugar into a smooth paste. Then add the milk and give a good whisk. Serve immediately 


  1. Refreshing and so yummy,my kid loves this.
    Planning a surprise:)you are a sweet girl,sure you will come up with something very special,have a great weekend Priya:)

  2. :-) thank u Suja... I am thinking of trying one of your pickles, don't be surprised if I post them :P... happy weekend to you too, and btw you deserve that award for your wonderful recipes, its my pleasure to share it with you. take care

  3. Refreshing cherry smoothie looks awesome!

  4. yummy....very refreshing....

  5. simple and delicious smoothie..


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