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Cardamom Milk Recipe | Aavin Elachai Paal Recipe

Today I am sharing with you one of my most favorite flavored milk recipe. I remember when I was a child amma used to take us to Aavin and the one thing that I used to always get is the Cardamom Flavored milk along with their specialty kova and yogurt, back then I never knew what cardamom was and I simply loved it for the chill milk and the sweet taste of cardamom. 

This is my version of the milk and when I was trying it out RK simply said I don't want it as he has this aversion to cardamom but later ended up tasting it and simply loved it too!

Recipe ~ Own
Serves ~ 2


Chill Milk - 2 cups (I used semi-skimmed)
Cardamom pods - 8
Sugar (to taste)
Chukku/ ground ginger - 1/4 tsp
Green food color - 1 drop (optional)

  • First combine the sugar, cardamom and chukku/ ground ginger in a mixie and blend it to a fine powder 
  • Next add the milk and color to it and blend well, strain and serve
Serve Chill  & enjoy the Indian flavored milk


  1. Cardamom milk looks yummy..:)) really flavourful..

  2. Love this,refreshing and yummy,nice clicks dear

  3. nice clicks Priya! milk looks yum!

  4. That is such a flavourful drink! Cardamom and ginger.. two of my fav spices!

  5. Nice, yummy and very flavorful milk.

  6. Makes me nostalgic, havent prepared this flavourful milk since a long

    1. :-) try it out sometime Priya, thank u


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Priya Ranjit

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