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Lime Melon Thirst Quencher ~ The Yellow & Green Pair

London weather is so unpredictable, morning its all gloomy and around late evening it gets all sunny just when you expect it to get dark. Its 7:30 pm here and had a boring morning with a dull weather and just now the sun shows up and says hi...phew and its all hot and sultry now. I wanted to have a refreshing drink just to boost me up and I paired it with a yellow and green combination, hence I call it the yellow and green pair :D

My love for fruits is limitless, if you give me fruits to eat and entire day I can. I can never get bugged of it though I love to eat whole fruits, I do make lots of juices and smoothies during summer as a thirst quencher. If you have guests around they won't be able to guess what drink this is ;-)

Prep time ~ 5 mins
Recipe ~ Own


1/2 yellow melon
2 tsp lime juice
2-3 tsp sugar (adjust as per sweetness of fruit)
1/4 Cup water


Cut the fruit and blend it in a mixie with the lime juice,sugar and water. Serve with ice cubes


Cut the melon piece into a heart shape and rub a little water on the rim of the serving glass and dip it in sugar inverted. Fix the melon on the rim of the glass


  1. wow...very refreshing....wonderful clicks :)

  2. cool and refreshing drink..

  3. Omg, wat a super refreshing drink, irresistible thirsty quencher.Priya,thanks for trying those laddoos, loved your feedback dear.

  4. cool, really cool drink :)
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving the note, following u back..

  5. Very refreshing drink......perfect for these hot days.

  6. Nice click specially the first one, lovely color Priya!

  7. thanks for visiting my blog... You have a wonderful space here with fabulous recipes... thirst quencher looks delicious and refreshing... Glad to follow you :)


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