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Easy Red Grape Jam ~ ♥ A Sweetheart ♥

I am not a person who is fond of Jams but when in comes to breakfast and bread I opt for Strawberry Jam. But when I was on the look out for trying different recipes I came across Julie's and was in for a sweet surprise, she had made Jam out of Red grapes which is my favorite and since I had grapes at home, there was no stopping. 

My thoughts would be that I found the Jam to be a lovely deep color and it tasted sweeter than I expected so make sure you add sugar and taste. It had a beautiful consistency and is one of the easiest I have tried. I am linking this to hearth & soul blog hop.


Red Grapes - 2 cups, cleaned 
Sugar - 3-5 tbsp (adjust based on sweetness of fruit)
Lime juice/ Citric Acid - 1 tbsp
Water - 1/4 cup  in case you want to increase quantity

  • Stem and clean the grapes, put it in a mixie and blend it into a smooth fine paste
  • Strain the juice and again blend the skin and pulp
  • Take a non stick pan and once hot (medium heat) add the pulp and start stirring it once hot add the sugar and then the lime juice/acid keep stirring until the mixture thickens, if you want more quantity add water and mix well, it would take around 20-22 minutes
  • Later to test the jam, put a tsp of jam in a plate and after it cools down and remains solid and not runny you can be sure than the consistency is right
  • Store in a clean and dried bottle 
Serve jam with bread


- I did not use any artificial colors or flavors and the Jam was so good just like the store bought one, although I did not find the distinctive taste of red grape, i loved the lovely bright color
- In case you are adding water, the color may not look so vibrant
- Make sure you add more grapes as the quantity reduces to half or even less at the end of cooking process


  1. Hi Priya,
    first of all lemme thank u for trying out the has come out real good,happy that u liked it and Thanx a lot for mentioning my space too:-)
    Sorry for the delay to drop by your space,Happy to join your space:-)
    You too have a wonderful space shaping up,wish u all d best too n your cooking venture:-)

  2. thank u Julie, this post is worth it and I must say received compliments from my husband :-), a happy wife indeed :D

  3. jam looks perfect and yummy....nice color too :)

  4. Jam looks perfect.

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog! Glad to follow you as well. You got a nice collection of recipes with neat pictures! Good job! Happy blogging! :)

  5. Delicious and colorful jam Priya.

  6. wow, wat a color. wish to lick it ;)

  7. Yummy looking jam...Loved the color..

  8. The jam looks so perfectly made and would make a yummy bf

  9. perfectly made.. nice color..

  10. Hi Priya,this is awesome,love the color
    Home made is the best,your post is inspiring me to try home made jam,will surely try this

  11. Ohhh looks so delicious and love the colour!

  12. Ooh.. yummy! I once tried jam with strawberry.... grapes sounds interesting..


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