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Baked Samosa | Oven Baked Samosa | Step by Step Recipe

I love Samosa, period ! the deep fried crispy and spicy kind. Every since school days till now I would never fail to have samosas. Being a food blogger i do get pressured to try different recipes from time to time and I have to admit this baked samosas were done from scratch. Although I did miss the oily samosa shells this recipe is a killer with a yum stuffing you are sure to treat yourself with a guild-free samosa. To be honest the beauty of samosa is for it to stand on its own, don't you think so? I do like it that way compared to ones that lie flat. Nevertheless no matter how ever you like this sure does not comprise taste wise. I have done a step by step recipe to show you how to shape these samosas.

Samosas are pure Indian snacks with a pastry wrapper and filled with spicy filling of potato, peas, onions or meat. It is served hot along with a chutney/ sauce for dipping. Each state in India prepares a different kind of samosa either thick, small or flat samosas nevertheless they all have similar taste. 

Recipe Source ~ Own
Filling for 12 samosa pockets

For Filling 

Boiled & mashed potato - 3 medium
Red onion - 1 large, chopped fine
Green chilli - 5-6 chopped fine (adjust according to heat tolerance)
Whole Jeera - 1/4 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves - 4 leaves
Ginger garlic paste - 2 tsp
Red chilli powder - 1/2 tsp
Garam Masala - 1/4 tsp

  • Cook & mash potatoes and set aside. In a non stick pan heat oil, splutter mustard seeds, jeera, curry leaves, now add onions, green chilli saute until transparent.
  • Now add ginger garlic paste saute until raw smell goes. Now add all the spices and mix well, add the mashed potatoes and mix until the spices are well spread. Set aside to cool


Makes ~ 10 medium to small samosas
Prep time ~ 30 mins Bake time ~ 30-40 mins
Serving Suggestions ~ Tomato Ketch up, Green Chutney or Sweet Tamarind Chutney


For Samosa Wrap

Maida / All purpose flour - 1 cup
Baking Powder - 1/3 tsp
Ajwain seeds - 2 tsp
Water (room temprature) - 1/2 cup
Oil - 3 tbsp
Salt - to taste 

  • In a medium sized bowl add flour, baking powder, salt, ajwain seeds, oil and mix well. Add water and knead to a dough. Make sure the dough is not too firm or too smooth, cover with a wet cloth and set aside for 30 mins
  • After 30 mins divide the dough into 6 balls and flatten each of them with a rolling pin and cut into two equal parts (semi-circle)

  • Use water to add the sides, join both ends of the dough to form a triangle and place in the middle of your fist to form a pocket. Ensure that the cone shaped dough is well sealed to avoid the filling to spill. Take 1 tbsp of the prepared filling and fill the cone dough

  • Now add water to the ends of the cone and pull one side of the dough to the other end and seal. Take care not to tear the dough. Place on prepared tray and  place the samosa in a sitting position

  • After you have repeated the same for all the samosas, brush with oil and bake on a pre-headed oven at 350 F / 180 C for 25-30 minutes until golden, you can flip the tray once half way through

  • Place the tray on a cooling rack for 10 minutes serve along with your favourite dipping sauce / chutney
Cooks Wisdom

- Make sure that the samosa wrapper is thin so that the warp gets well baked and easy to eat too
- Since the filling is spicy I served it along with tomato ketchup you can adjust spice according to your tastebuds
- You can add peas, carrots, beets or even meat into the samosa for more flavor
- I used oil for a vegan version you can use butter for more flavour


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  29. I made these tonight and they were very good! I used ghee instead of oil and it makes them extremely rich, I couldn't eat as many as I normally do (yes, I eat samosas as my main). Next time I will try either vegetable or coconut oil and perhaps only prepare the filling with ghee. Overall, quite delicious and I will be making these again! Thanks for offering a non-fried alternative that doesn't require me to go buy phyllo dough!

  30. I tried these out today and they turned out lovely. I was a bit skeptical about "baked"samosa's, but decided to try it out anyway. Thanks for such a good recipe and so well explained.
    I like the tips you share at the end of the recipe... it kind of reminds me of ME :)
    I'm just starting out (and going nuts) with my blog, Helping The Homemaker, but do check it out if you wish.

  31. Hi Priya. I finally did a post on the samosas I made and you can find it on my blog. Do let me know what you think :)

  32. This looks amazing, and the pictures explain everything very well. Thank you! I make baked samosas or just the curried potato filling pretty regularly, but I ad-lib on the spices. I'm just getting into Asian cooking of all sorts, so I have been seasoning it the lazy American way with a bottled curry blend. I also have been using wonton wrappers rather than making my own pastry. I just discovered a very well-stocked international (mostly Indian) grocery store here in my small southern town, so I am slowly adding the traditional spices as I buy them. However, I bought a lot of spices to make chai, so I was only able to afford carom seed and ghee this time for my samosas. I am going to try your dough -- I still don't have Jeera or garam masala yet. I am going to use ghee instead of oil because I have it. Again, thank you so much for this well-explained recipe. I'll be back to try more!

  33. Hi Priya, this recipe is wonderful. I was just curious if you could help a novice like me with these two questions:
    If I make them in smaller versions, how much of the baking time will be needed then?
    And how well do they stay if I want to bring them to a friend the next day? (i work full time, so I can only bake them the evening before)


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