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Red Snapper Fish Fry | Sankara Meen Varuval | South Indian Fish Fry recipe

Its been a while since I posted a recipe up in this base. I was drained with few personal priorities that kept me away from blogging but I am so glad to get back on tract. Will be back to posting recipes often and thanks to all my friends, followers, readers and bloggers who kept checking with me regarding my absence :-) truly blessed to have such wonderful people who care about me and of course this yummy blog ;-). Its officially summer and I have been trying ways to keep my body cool, I will be sharing more summer recipes, so stay tuned. 

I am back with my favourite recipe and you can say that this fish fry has been with us since childhood and I used to love this pink fish (nick named by moi) originally called Red snapper/ sankara meen. Its one of the easiest and widely available variety of fish and the cheapest of all fishes. They taste great and does have many bones but they are excellent when fried with a sweet tangy marinate. 


Recipe Source - Amma

Makes - 8-10 fish slices
Serving Suggestion - Sambar, Rasam, Curd Rice


Red Snapper fish (Sankara meen) - 8-10 pieces

Turmeric - 1/2 tsp
Red Chili/ Fish fry masala - 4 tsp
Corriander powder - 2 tsp
Ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp
Pepper powder - 1/2 tsp

Tomato sauce - 1 tsp (recommended, alternate with juice from 1 lime/lemon or tamarind pulp)
Salt- to taste
Oil - to pan fry - approx 3-4 tbsp


Clean the fish with cold water along with lime and salt, pat dry and place on a plate. Take all the spice powders along with salt, ginger garlic paste, tomato sauce( tamarind pulp or lime juice) and form a thick paste. Apply on the fish and leave it in refrigerator overnight for spices to blend. The next day take the fish out and bring it to room temperature (30-40 mins) and then heat pan with oil and place the fish and let it cook on each side for 6-7 minutes such that the fish is fully cooked. Do not disturb or keep flipping sides.

Serve hot with rice and curry.

Cooks Wisdom

Tip 1

1. Patting dry the fish is very important if it is soggy the spices will not sit on the fish. 

Tip 2

2. Make sure you don't add water to form the spice paste, if required use few drops of lime/lemon juice or with tamarind pulp 

Tip 3

3. Once you decide to fry fish make sure you bring it to room temperature before frying it, else the fish will remain raw and undercooked.

Tip 4

4. Do not keep flipping sides of the fish while its cooking, this will only result in under cooked fish and also tend to break. The heat should be in medium-low and not high else the fish will get burnt quickly.

Tip 5

5. Marinating the fish overnight is very important for ultimate taste


- Tamarind fish curry (Amma's recipe)
- Mango fish curry (Amma's recipe)
- Coconut fish curry (Amma's recipe)


  1. Looks so yummy makes me hungry dear :)

  2. i have not tried adding tomato sauce da nice attempt.. will try it next time..

  3. My favorite fish variety.. Love it any way fry or curries :) You have tempted me to have this fish fry now akka ;) And u know wat I call it the pink fish still :P Wnderful flavors.. must try with tomato sauce next time :)

  4. Superb fish fry like to taste this fish fry with rice and rasam. About the new look of your page the blue theme is just amazing.

  5. Mouthwatering fish fry...adding tomato sauce is new to me...will try your recipe next time...

  6. Fantastic Fish Fry dear....

  7. Nothing like a slice of fried fish with some rice and curry!!! Welcome back and hope to see ur regular posts... :)

  8. tomato sauce addition is new to me..the fish fry has come out so excellent ...

  9. Am ready to finish that whole platter rite now, fish fry is just inviting me.Its been a while i fried fishes, now u r tempting.


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