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Grape Juice Recipe | Easy Fruit Based Juice Recipe

Red Grape Juice Recipe
Grape juice recipe
I have always been this fan for black grapes and definitely the sweeter variety. This is a simple grape juice recipe that is quick to do. Amma makes Grape squash at home, which involved a long process of boiling grapes along with water and sugar and simmered to extract maximum flavour. Today I am sharing the quick version of grape juice but will sure post the grape squash recipe soon. Black grapes have many health benefits like asthma, kidney disorder, digestion, skin softner and anti aging benefits. So make use of these black beauties while they are available.

Grape Juice Recipe
Easy red grape juice 



Back grapes ( I used seedless) - 1 cup, washed (read notes below)

Sugar - 2-3 tsp
Water (chilled) - 1 cup
Orange/ lemon juice - 2 tsp


In a  blender combine grapes, water, sugar and blend well. If using grapes with seeds just pulse in a mixer for few seconds. Using a strainer filter the juice now add sugar and lemon/ orange juice and mix well. 

Serve chilled

Grape juice recipe

Cooks Wisdom

Tip 1 

I usually remove the grape bulbs from the stem wash in running tap water for 30 seconds. Soak the grapes in more water and add salt to remove pesticides/ germs from the grapes. Later rinse for 3-4 seconds in water and strain the excess water. Store in the refrigerator.

Tip 2

Certain variety of grapes can make you catch cold so use according to your health conditions.

Tip 3

You can add orange juice like I have done in this recipe, it gives a unique flavour to this juice.

Tip 4

You can adjust sugar according to sweetness of fruit. 


  1. That is a easy to make tasty grape juice. Love the colourful photos.

  2. wow....great juice for refreshment in morning....but small suggestion...Try to have this juice along with skin as they are more nutritious than grape pulp...and also grape skin helps to keep your skin glowing ...:-) :-)

  3. Jus add this note under cooks wisdom.... All ur recipes are really nice and also pics with cool clicks....

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  5. lovely presentation...

    Grape juice is good for heart too :)

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  8. lovinh the vibrant red color priya .. looks so refreshing and of course a very tasty drink to stay healthy :)

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  15. wow..grape juice looks so the color and presentation...too good Priya :)

  16. Love the color,refreshing drink

  17. Very easy to make, vibrating coloured grape juice.

  18. that's a lovely grape juice... love the addition of lemon juice... i've some sitting in my fridge, should go back home and pulse it!!! :)


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