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Amla mixed rice
Amla mixed rice
Gooseberry/ Amla as its fondly called in India is known for its goodness and sourness. Most Indian hair oil/ related products have the extract of Amla, its an undeniable fact that they help in hair growth and even to prevent pre-mature greying of hair. Amla also is rich in anti-oxidants and is known to lower cholesterol, slows tumor growth and also reduces blood sugar level. Its rich in Vitamin C and it is said that it had twice the amount of Vitamin C to that of 2 oranges. 

My experiences of this fruit is not so pleasant as its taste. Whereas for Amma this is like raw mango to her she simply loves it. I have seen her munch this sour fruit along with red chili powder as a snack. So when I was home, she made this Amla rice and to my surprise I actually loved it.

Nellika/ Amla
Nellika/ Amla

Nellika Indian Recipe/ Amla Indian Recipe
Nellika Indian Recipe/ Amla Indian Recipe


Recipe Source ~ Amma
Prep & Cook time ~30 mins
Serves ~ 4 generously


Amla - 1 cup deseeded & chopped, made to a paste
Cooked rice - 2 cups
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
Jeera powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt - to taste

To Temper -

Oil - 2 tbsp
Mustard seed - 1 tsp
Cumin/ Jeera - 1/2 tsp
Channa Dal - 2 tsp
Urad Dal - 2 tsp
Dry red chili - 1 no

To Grind -

Shallots/ pearl onions - 6
Ginger - 1/2 " piece 
Garlic - 2 pods
Curry leaves - 1 spring
Green chili - 3
Coconut (shredded) - 2 tbsp

To Garnish -

Groundnuts (toasted & skins removed) - handful
Coriander leavers - few
Mint leaves - few

  • Keep a wide pan on stove and heat oil. Add mustard seeds wait for them to splutter, add channa dal, urad dal and wait for them to turn color. Now add jeera, red chili and curry leaf. Saute well.
  • Add the 1/2 cup ground amla and saute well. Add the spices - turmeric powder, cumin powder and salt. Add the ground paste and saute well on low flame till the raw smell goes. 
  • Add the cooked rice and mix gently, check taste for salt. Transfer into a serving bowl. Garnish with roasted peanuts, coriander leaves & mint leaves.

Cooks Wisdom

Tip 1

1. Amla rice tastes best soon after it is cooked, do not keep it for a long time.

Tip 2

2. Taste the amla before you cook. If it is sweet add more amla, if it is sour add less amla.


  1. Rice looks delicious and inviting da.. Have never tried making rice with nellikkaai.. I just eat it and it has been long since I had one.. The nellikkais in the picture are really tempting me.. ;)

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  20. Hi,when we will add 1 cup chopped amla?? & and //Add the 1/2 cup ground amla and saute well// also clarify it..

    1. Menaga sorry there was a mistake in the recipe. Use one cup chopped amla to get 1/2 amla paste. I will make the changes in recipe.

    2. Menaga I have made the changes in the post, please follow the recipe. If you have any doubts do let me know. Thank you for bringing this up to my notice.


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