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Mango Mockail Drink
Mango Mockail Drink
I had promised that I will post more mango recipes in CLP so that all of you can try them and enjoy this lovely seasonal fruit. Honestly I love to just cut a ripe mango and eat them straight without even peeling the skin. But life has changed for me right from the time food became an object of interest and blogging has made me to try new recipes and try my own variations. So when I had a dozen mangoes at home, I literally planned what all recipes to try and here goes. We all know the usual mango milkshake, mango lassi and mango juice recipes, I wanted to try a mocktail recipe with mangoes for long. Last week we went for a friend's wedding and the welcome drink served there was Mango mocktail and my mind was quickly trying to grasp the flavours in that drink. I then tried to recreate the same at home and vola it was spot on the first time I tried it. Moacktails are non-alcoholic fruit based drinks that has a combination of fruits that give a unique flavour.

Mango welcome drink recipe
Mango welcome drink recipe

Recipe Source - Own
Serves - 4-5 
Prep time - 5 mins


Riped Mango - 1 medium ( I used alphonso)
Sweet Lime/ Mosambi - 3 nos (can be replaced with orange)
Pineapple essence - 1/2 tsp
Sugar - 3-4 tbsp (Adjust according to sweetness of fruits)
Water - 2 cups
Apple - 1 large (I used gala)


1. Peel the mango skin and cut the flesh and add to a mixer. 
2. Peel the sweet lime and discard the seeds and add to a mixer.
3. Add sugar and blend the fruits. 
4. Strain the pulp and extract the juice to a bowl.
5. Add pineapple essence and water and mix well, check for sugar.
6. In a saucepan add 1/4 cup water and the chopped apples pieces cook for 2 minutes and switch off. Once it cools down add to the prepared juice.
7. Serve chilled and enjoy
Mango summer drink recipe
Mango summer drink recipe
Cooks Wisdom

Tip 1

1. Replace sweet lime to oranges in the recipe. 

Tip 2

2. You can use 1/4 cup pineapple juice too instead of pineapple essence, do not add more than that then the juice will be overpowered by pineapple.

Tip 3

3. You can also pour this juice into popsicle moulds and make ice lollies out of it. They will taste so good.




  1. really refreshing!!! I totally agree to u... food blogging does make you head stir in different directions!

  2. Looks so lovely! Refreshing drink!

  3. love the bursting flavours dee...

  4. Wow... wonderful mango dishes presented here. .. love the look of the mocktail.... :)

  5. Superb and yummy looking drink..

  6. such a refreshing drink and so well captured

  7. Looks amazingly refreshing.. I love mango juice, especially kdd harvest’s mango juice that tastes exactly like the fruit. I love homemade juices as well. I will try making this juice this weekend. Thank you for sharing.


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