♥ ♥ ♥ Romantic Paris ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ A dream come true


  1. Beautiful pictures and nice write up. Paris is my dream land.

  2. Beautiful pictures....thanks :)

  3. wonderful photos..Thanks for sharing this..

  4. Romantic Paris...the first click is just picture perfect:-) I had been to Paris on transit almost 5 yrs back..just managed to get a glimpse of the tower.I couldn't even stand and admire it:-( Sigh sigh.. Hopefully someday i can go back there and stroll through the streets of Paris and stare at the eiffel tower for hours:-)

    1. The first pic was taken @ 9 pm sharp for 5 minutes from 9- 9:05 the turn on the sparkling lights :D which is so superb. But you know what the french hate the Eiffel tower and they say they had set restaurant's up the tower for them to view Paris without the tower, which I find bit funny. a Its a beautiful city Ramya and worth all the money to visit.


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