Sathumaavu Laddu | Finger Millet Energy Balls | Healthy Kids friendly recipe

Sathumaavu Laddu Recipe
Sathumaavu Laddu Recipe
Sathumaavu is a staple in South Indian tamil homes. The whole concept of adding healthy ingredients to the diet was through this health mix powder that is usually had as a porridge or kuzhu for babies or adults. Amma gave me a huge batch of sathumaavu which was lying in the pantry for close to a month untouched. So to make use of it I made this sathumaavu laddus that are healthy yet delicious to enjoy. Especially if you have fussy eaters at home you can try to add few of their favorite ingredients like nuts, raisins, coconut and make these laddus. This home made sathumaavu powder was made using finger millet, barley, corn, bajra and red rice.

Ragi Laddu Recipe
Ragi Laddu Recipe


Recipe Source - Own
Makes - 10 medium- small laddus
Prep time - under 10 mins


Sathumaavu / any health mix - 1 cup
Ragi / finger millet powder - 1/4 cup
Ghee - 2 tsp
Jaggery/ sugar - 1/4 cup shavings, powdered
Cardamom powder - 1/3 tsp
Nuts - 3 tbsp (I used pista & cashew)
Milk - 1 tbsp


1. In a mixer combine jaggery shavings and roughly chopped nuts & pulse for 10 seconds until you get a coarse powder.
2. Add this to the sathumaavu/ health mix powder, ragi, cardamom powder.
3. Add the ghee and using both palms mix the ghee into the mixture such that the ghee is evenly spread to all the flour.
4. Now add the milk and combine well. If the mixture is too wet add more flour and if mixture is too dry and little more milk. 
5. Combine into balls using your hands and place them on a place.

Serve immediately and enjoy. You can store these in air-tight containers and enjoy withing two days.

Cooks Wisdom

Tip 1

1. You can use store bought health mix powder to make these laddus or use roasted atta/ wheat flour and ragi too.

Tip 2

2. You can use white sugar to sweeten these laddus or even use palm jaggery.

Tip 3

3. Use your favorite nuts or raisins.

Tip 4

4. The ragi and sathumavu powders were already dry roasted for 3 minutes each before making these laddus.


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