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Ginger & Garlic, I wonder who made their match in Indian cooking. To me they seem to me a great couple and almost bless each recipe that they visit, with amazing flavor. I cannot think of not adding this paste in almost all my recipes. Of course there are recipes that call for only garlic or only ginger.  Amma is so faithful when it comes to ginger-garlic paste she makes a fresh batch almost every week. Like her I also make sure I have enough stock of this paste, but I do have to confess I don't make them always, at times pick store brought ones which for sure is never equal to the one make freshly at home. Not to forget they cost you more too when bought. Thankfully the place where I live we get freshly peeled garlic and this is a blessing to me :-) so I simply get the freshly peeled garlic, peel ginger and grind to a paste. Doesn't that sound so simple? You can also freeze the paste in ice cube tray and make them as cubes that can be added to any curry. But mind you if you do not trust your freezer or the power cuts, don't ever think of doing this :-P

The proportion of ginger and garlic for this paste is totally your choice, for every portion of garlic I take half the amount of ginger. I also know people who take equal proportions, so its really your choice. Some add turmeric / vinegar to the paste, adding turmeric adds colors and does give a little additional flavor. Whereas adding vinegar works well if you are doing a big portion and plan to store it for long. For this recipe I used oil as I plan to make small batches and often. 

(Read notes before going ahead with recipe)

Makes - 300 gms of paste
Shelf life - 3 weeks


Garlic pods peeled - 2 cups, 200 gms
Ginger skin removed and chopped - 1 cup, 100 gms
Cooking oil - 4 tbsp
Salt - 1 tsp


Add the peeled garlic, chopped ginger to a blender and grind them for a minute, to this add salt and oil, blend them to a thick yet coarse paste. Transfer to a water free air tight container and keep a clean spoon in it, cover and store in refrigerator for as long as 2-3 weeks

Cooks Wisdom

- Make sure you do not add even a drop of water while grinding the paste, this will give longer shelf life

- Use an air tight container to store ginger garlic paste as the smell can be strong and it can leave a hint on other food stuffs in the refrigerator if not stored properly
- Make sure you keep a spoon in the container for the paste. In case you are using a new spoon everytime make sure it is dry, this increases shelf life
- You can add vinegar instead of oil if you want to increase the shelf life of the paste
- Adding turmeric gives added color and taste.
- I have used salt to add flavor, and its minimal, but be careful if you want to increase salt level
- I found that the paste when stored, changes color of the top(turns a little brown), don't worry it still does its work well
- Once you use the paste remember to keep it back in the refrigerator so that it comes for long
- One good thing about adding oil is, it does not splutter when added in oil. It cooks well and you can be sure of the taste too.


  1. AWesome priya.. i read abt this at lavanya space too bt never made it
    mayb next time i would make this

  2. Lovely post Priya :) I have been meaning to try this at home.. hopefully soon :)

  3. this is the first time i heard abt adding oil, i usually use water for mine..next time i'm gonna use your tips:-)

  4. i dont use oil and salt da.. using homemade paste gives good result and taste..

  5. my mom too make gg paste this way with more garlic n half ginger :) love ur bright pics dear...
    btw congrats on reaching 2Lakhs Hits!! wish u many many millions in future..i know u will Rock!!

  6. Nice post priya, very nice clicks. I make them and refrigerate it but never added vinegar or oil. I will surely give it a shot next time.

  7. i use the same process dear and love making it for a week...its always needed and handy for indian cooking

  8. Hey Priya dear...have been seeing all ur posts on fb, but never getting time to comment. I'm planning on making ginger-garlic paste this weekend. usually i'm lazy to do it, but now my mommy is there na at home, so we'll share the job of peeling :-P Its so nice u get peeled garlic, saves so much time.

  9. Homemade ginger garlic paste taste well.. I don't use oil very useful info dear ..

  10. good post Priya..me do it with vinegar thou.

  11. Like u Said everyone has Their own ratio, I take almost equal portions but sometimes I take ginger more as we like ginger more :) I hate peeling garlic, lucky I r getting it peeled :)

  12. hey priya can we store this paste in frozen condition..whether it affects its quality..

    1. Hi yes u can freeze it too but make sure you put it in ice cube tray so that it is easy to take one cube everytime u may need it for a recipe. Hope this answers your question.

  13. can we keep this paste outside fridge? if so, how long it will stay good!?

  14. I would recommend you to refrigerate the ginger garlic paste. If you keep it outside it may not last more than a day. There are no preservatives added to this paste and it may not last that long if kept in room temperature.

  15. Hi,
    Even I prepare ginger garlic paste in small batch and store in refrigerator, use it when required..I wanted to know,whether it's necessary to peel garlic for ginger garlic paste.

  16. How to long can I store them without refrigerator??


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